Joanne Ball-Burgess’ “Don’t Disturb My Dance”

July 26, 2016

Joanne Ball-Burgess, also known as Judge Jo-1, who rose to fame through East African dance show Sakata, is now expanding her musical prowess and continuing to emerge from her dance profile and judging, solidifying herself in Kenya’s music industry through her new track “Don’t Disturb My Dance.”

She is known in Bermuda for her literary ability, including titles “The Lizard and the Rock and “The Priceless Hogg Penny”, as well as her memoir in the Bermuda anthology “An Underworld Education.”

The new track comes several months after giving birth to her third son, who accompanied her to the studio during the making of this project, which was recorded in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi

A new voice heard in the compilation is Ammi, The Veggie Man, who hails from Antigua. The Veggie Man is no stranger to the hyper atmosphere and carnival style and brings his energy to center stage.

Ms Ball-Burgess said, “There is a growing Caribbean and Island population in Kenya and ‘Don’t Disturb My Dance’ typifies this.”

The staunch St. George’s fan added, “I’m excited to be releasing this track in the middle of Cup Match season, because Cup Match is the highest celebration of the year.

“I am also excited that this track contains traditional Bermudian culture, as the Gombey is an icon of Bermuda’s strength, history and cultural identity.”

“Don’t Disturb My Dance” will be available for download on iTunes on August 14, and you can listen to the song below.

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  1. Lol says:

    I luv it… Keep it going my lady. Rep Bermy all Day…