Video: Jones Mentions Bermuda On Late Show

December 6, 2018

Catherine Zeta Jones discussed raising her children in Bermuda during her recent appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” joking that when her children were young, her husband Michael Douglas was taking a break for a while, so their kids informed the school that their dad’s occupation was making pancakes.

The award winning Welsh actress is married to Michael Douglas, whose mother was Bermudian, and the pair lived on the island for years, with Mr Douglas previously noting his family’s “connection to Bermuda goes back 400 years” and he has a ”long-time love of this island.”

Stephen Colbert asked the actress about living in Bermuda, and Catherine Zeta Jones said, “We moved there just when our son was like one, so we brought the kids up there.”

The discussion about Bermuda starts around 5 minutes in:

Asked if her children know that their parents are famous, Ms. Jones replied, “Well, it’s so funny because when my kids were at school in Bermuda, because we brought them up there the first ten years of their lives, they were doing occupations at school,” basically asked what their mom and dad do.

Ms. Jones said that at that time she was filming movies while “Michael was laying back a little bit and just enjoying fatherhood for the second time around,” so when asked about their parents occupations, their kids said ‘my mom makes movies and my dad makes pancakes.’

Laughing, Ms. Jones said, “And Michael’s like ‘two Oscars and a 50-year career and my kids just think I make pancakes.”

During the interview, Mr. Colbert told the actress that he has actually driven by her house in Bermuda, as the American television host has visited the island, most notably back in 2011 when he took part in the Charleston to Bermuda Yacht Race.

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