“Stand-Alone Legislation For St. George’s”

March 17, 2019

Government will develop “stand-alone legislation for St. George’s”, Home Affairs Minister Walter Roban pledged saying that “MPs Renee Ming and Kim Swan made a solid case on behalf of the people they represent and serve, and we listened”.

A spokesperson said, “Home Affairs Minister Walter Roban on Friday reconfirmed his pledge that the Government would develop stand-alone legislation for St. Georges that recognises the unique qualities and heritage of the Old Town.”

Minister Roban said “MPs Renee Ming and Kim Swan made a solid case on behalf of the people they represent and serve, and we listened. Their call on the floor of Parliament for a model featuring the direct election of the Mayor and three Councillors while advocating for greater financial attention to support infrastructure, tourism marketing support for St. George’s and the preservation and enhancement of the World Heritage Status, is one that working together, we will pursue,”

MP Ming stated, “I am thankful to my branch and constituents who shared their concerns and support of the bill. Their concerns were conveyed to the Minister, and he has listened.”

MP Swan expressed appreciation to Premier Burt, Ministers Roban, Desilva and Col. Burch for their support in canvassing St Georgians as part of the consultative process saying, “We worked as a team by listening to the community while sharing our vision and commitment to move St. George’s forward. I am elated that Minister Roban has given us the undertaking to craft a St. George’s specific act; now we roll up our sleeves and get to work restoring our beloved St. George’s.”

Minister Roban concluded, “The Municipalities Reform bill is just the start of the journey for St. George. This journey will include a new Marina development, relief of the burden of investing in crumbling infrastructure, control of the UNESCO World Heritage site and progress to better financial health for the Old Town. This journey in partnership with the government puts St. George and her people at the forefront of shaping the future to their benefit.”

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  1. 2 Bermudas says:

    Ha! This was scripted from the very beginning which is why Kim Swan stayed quiet. Pee El Pee taking voters for fools!!

  2. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    Minister Roban said “MPs Renee Ming and Kim Swan made a solid case on behalf of the people they represent and serve, and we listened.

    total fabrication of the truth!

  3. kevin says:

    wow and the plp faithful will dance and sing saying their government listens to the people Renee /kim are trying to save their political lives …this is no more than a compromise and smoke and mirror game ….we listened to you and changed our position ….remember the rent that was repealed and they stung the $300 basic tax to all of the lowest band …. this too will come with a price ……
    the plp have never done anything for st Georges and it wont be long a wolf in sheep clothing is still a wolf
    beware ….golf course, club house building, hotel ,police station , fire station ,cruise ships…..they screwed us and are lining us up again

    • Izzypop says:

      kinda sounds like the taxation on rental units
      We listened to the people so scrapped the idea
      More BS. They raised the stamp duty on rentals so the tax was skipped in another way
      Beware St Georgians this is just a smoke screen

  4. Ann says:

    Thanks MP Ming and MP swan for listening to the people of St. George’s

    • Jt says:

      If they had listened they wouldn’t have ignored the results of the “consultation”. They just did what they were told to do right from the beginning.

    • Izzypop says:

      Sounds like they brain washed u too

  5. More BS talk and lies.it time for change.

  6. Jt says:

    And the increase in stamp duty on leases. That hasn’t even been mentioned anywhere! Just equals rent increases.

  7. mixitup says:

    Crafty move PLP, but you should try giving away an Airport!

  8. sandgrownan says:

    And there it is, if you needed proof, a done deal right from the very start.

    Watch the smashing of Hamilton begin.

  9. Richard A says:

    This is like your parents telling you for a week you are grounded all weekend then on Friday let you go out and play.
    Most people are not children PLP, we see what you are doing. You are NOT amazing for “listening” you are amazing for having such a large uneducated following that they see this is you being a gift from god.

    • mixitup says:

      Look at these posters all crying like babies! Give away a Billion in Airport Revenue to a foriegn company, pepper spray it’s citizens and these same posters stood by their Gov’t.. But call this current Gov’t out for doing nothing near as wreckless….

  10. Hello says:

    Either way you look at it, they will ruin St. George’s. Do you really think we will still be able to vote/have a say in who is chosen as mayor and councillors? It’s another smoke screen.

  11. Rotten Onion says:

    Roban must take us for fools. Everyone knows they don’t want St Georges,they want the jewel in the crown, Hamilton and the waterfront and the balance sheets of the corporation.

  12. Brad & Chad says:

    Pathetic, flip flop, non directive,clueless government at the helm of this poor island… What a disgrace. We need a new party with fresh ideas. This is embarrassing. There is no way anyone in government seeps and night feeling they are doing a good job, and if they are, id like to see them take an IQ test.

  13. Joe Bloggs says:

    Well, that could have been predicted.

    Wait, it was predicted!

    Eventually, the truth will out.

  14. conscious observer says:

    Hence the reason Renee Webb just got a job in Europe as a consulate or something….to keep her quiet so she can answer zero questions?

    “Premier David Burt officially opened Bermuda’s new Overseas Office in Brussels, and announced that former Cabinet Minister Renee Webb will serve as the Brussels representative.”

    She was St. Georges….very coincidental….New office in Brussels…hmmmm…less air flights to Bermuda=less travelers…slowing economy…Butterfield alone slashed 18 jobs last year.
    There’s issues happening again….always on the look out for the next Capital Project, no mention of debt, certain high profile figures back in the power mix…..personally if l could move, l would!

  15. D says:

    I am disappointed in Renee. Being silent on the issue at every forum is unbecoming of an elected official on matters as important as this. And her non-vote on the legislation is also sad. In life, I have learned that what is not said is just as important as what is said… and her silence was deafening. She is a good person and all, but clearly she is weak. The only alternative (which I do not want to believe) is that she concluded that it would be politically expedient to toe the party line while relegating the collective voice of the people.

    To witness politics change people right before your very eyes is one of the saddest sights to see. Like someone said under another thread, Kenny Bascome would have never been silent… he would have made his voice heard loudly and clearly on our behalf at every possible chance.

    • Know your place says:

      So not true…MP Ming discussed this issue with anyone who asked her what she thought. She also canvassed her constituents, like me. She told us that she was fighting to have stand alone legislation for St. George’s. She knew what she was up against. She always kept St. Georges at the forefront. I listened to her passionate speech in the House of Assembly. She spoke well. Did you even bother to listen, probably not. You don’t even live within the municipality.

      • D says:

        “Know your place” lol smh.

        Anyone can speak privately to individuals regarding these types of issues… unfortunately, she was silent, publicly, at both town halls held in St. George’s. What was the vote at Penno’s Wharf even for? Why after an overwhelming ‘no’ vote did she not take this political mandate given to her by residents and business owners alike to the legislature and vote accordingly? Why be silent in the House where it counts, i.e., actually voting for/against the bill? How is this keeping St. Georges at the forefront?

        Lastly, you don’t know me, where I have lived, worked, or where my interests lie. I’m a St. George’s boy through and through. I know Aunt Renee and her family very well. That is why I am also disappointed in her stance through all of this. St. Geo needs leaders to stand up for her interests unabashedly. Now that the decision-making power rests with the government, I am sure that we, unfortunately, should expect more of the same from her.

  16. Triangle Drifter says:

    There is no money to grab in St Georges. The town will be left to struggle along on its own.

    Keep your eyes on the prize. Hamilton, with its record of being well run, except for the Dream Team, is where the money is.

    Stay tuned. Trash on the streets, parks looking like Government parks, previously well run events in Hamilton all disappearing real soon. COH consisting of successful business people to be replaced with Friends & Family.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Of course, there was never any intention or desire to *run* St. Georges, it was seen as collateral damage as this statement by Roban proves. They are so unbelievably transparent.

      Do watch, however, for the CoH balance sheet to move to give Curtis a little more wiggle room with the finances. Watch how Hamilton deteriorates into an unkempt mess as does everything under the “guidance” of the PLP. Watch for Friends & Family City contracts.

      But, watch most of all, a grab for the operation of the docks. It’s going to be the Cement Company all over again. The taking of a privately held company. They will engineer a way to make it untenable for Polaris to continue and perform a government takeover. It will be done by making the contract to operate too expensive, onerous, they’ll throw in some bs about national security and it will be nationalized. Or worse, given to someone on the F&F plan.

      And of course, being PLP, they will get it wrong and mess it up.

  17. Realist says:

    Blatant political favoritism. And that was the agenda all along. Hopefully this will give Hamilton the legal grounds to fight for the same. If both corporations fall under the old legislation, and both have uniqueness, then the same concessions should be granted to both. But this is a political, racist game the PLP play. Hence the coy answers from the St. George’s Mayor, nothing said from their MPs. Humpties.

  18. Ringmaster says:

    All well and good, but if Bermuda doesn’t get off the EU blacklist, stand alone legislation will be the least of everyone’ worries. The PLP needs to concentrate on the major issues, and what might sink Bermuda.

  19. Rocky5 says:

    PLP just want to get grubby hands in Hamilton till and sell off Waterfront to cronies. St George’s will suffer because it’s just been duped into believing PLP actually CARES….

    • sandgrownan says:

      They want the docks. That’s the prize. Anyone can see that. And when they’ve done destroying that, there’ll be little left.

  20. question says:

    So the PLP manufacture another crisis and then pat themselves on the back for ‘solving’ it.
    And apparently they want a pay rise for doing this ‘important work’.

    • Brad & Chad says:

      Well said lol. This govt is a joke.

    • kevin says:

      this government has zero chance to move us forward hell they cant even understand a due by date ….25-11 sounds more like odds for them failing to hit 2018/2019 budget numbers and don’t ask for the plan …that must a very very bad word in the plp meetings …burt burch and brown a real life circus has come to town then throw in Desilva and we have a show
      time to resign time to step aside show a little concern for the our country and let us try to look to the future

  21. CHRIS says:

    WAKE UP BERMUDA! the fascist PLP will send Bermuda down the toilet.

    • Mark says:

      Already flushed!

    • St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

      it’s already been flushed away without the benefit of toilet paper

  22. Rise says:

    Whether the Government should take over the city is a separate issue than whether they are capable to run the city. They are more capable than what you give them credit for. Plus, the streets of Bermuda look a lot better now than when under the OBA and I’m certain it will be the same for the City of Hamilton. When debating one should stick to the issues and not cloud them with negative talk and innuendos.

    • sandgrownan says:

      “..They are more capable than what you give them credit for..”

      …For which you give them credit. For Christ’s sake, learn the language.

      Ignoring your grammatical error, facts and history suggest otherwise.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “Whether the Government should take over the city is a separate issue than whether they are capable to run the city.”


      “They are more capable than what you give them credit for.”

      Also agreed. Of course, you may not know what I credit the PLP Government for.

      “Plus, the streets of Bermuda look a lot better now than when under the OBA and I’m certain it will be the same for the City of Hamilton.”

      Yes, without all those pesky tourists!