Theatre Boycott Celebrates 60th Anniversary

March 21, 2019

The Theatre Boycott is getting set to celebrate its 60th anniversary with the theme of ‘Busy Being Born.”

A spokesperson said, “On this first day of spring, we gather here at the Human Rights Commission, to launch a campaign promoting Civic Engagement – ordinary people taking action to positively impact our society. During the spring of ’59, the Progressive Group exemplified civic engagement, spending weeks envisioning a better Bermuda and subsequently initiating the Theatre Boycott, which was key in birthing that vision. In this season of renewal – 2019 – we all have an opportunity to leverage the legacy of those trail blazers.

“Bermuda has a strong tradition of civic engagement as it is the basis for the number of community organizations across the island; the legacy of friendly societies, sporting clubs, church programs and the variety of charitable organizations – a few represented here today. The transformative impact of technology has been a challenge to the level of community involvement in recent times, speaking to the need for a ‘reboot’.

“From this milestone up to a week prior the beginning of summer – when we mark the 60th anniversary – the opportunity is afforded to all of us to creatively address the regeneration of today’s Bermuda. Any innovators are welcomed to offer pilot-projects that move us beyond our respective silos and harness civic engagement. Our social fabric will be strengthened by transforming barriers into bridges, promoting a positive sense of community.

“The anniversary’s theme – ‘Busy Being Born’ – is captured by a pilot project at the Westgate Campus, the Personal Empowerment Circle. This project was championed by Tulani Bulford, a 30-something who has been volunteering to engage the facility’s population in informal restorative processes for some time. He has been key in inspiring a group of 9 community volunteers to commit to this pilot over 2019. Having already completed two months of the Circle, there is evidence of a wonderful sense of community emerging amongst the diverse participants – evidence of ‘green shoots’.

“Any and all are invited to join the campaign of Civic Engagement, throughout the island this spring, in the spirit of ’59. This can involve simply reflecting on how our personal passion can assist our extended-family or helping in some way with an elder or youngsters in our neighbourhood. There are numerous programs in the many organizations across the Island which can be supported to foster Bermuda’s renewal and one can sign up at

“There are three seedling pilots at their embryonic phase, facilitate by Imagine Bermuda as a part of the campaign. They involve North Village, the Paget/Warwick community, and the Youth Development Zone in Pembroke.

“Civic engagement is very evident in our island’s response to crises like Hurricanes – a drastic emergency. For this 60th anniversary we can choose civic engagement, a stitch in time, strengthening our social fabric.”

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