April 2019: Top 10 Bernews “Photo Of Day”

May 1, 2019

Providing our readers with a look at Bermuda’s natural beauty each morning, Bernews features a “Photo of the Day” in our email newsletters, on social media, and in our app every day.

Always popular, April’s top photos attracted tens of thousands of reactions across our various social media networks, and judging by the number of reader’s “likes”, the month’s most popular photos included shots of north roundabout, Elbow Beach, Shelly Bay beach, Coral Beach, and more.

April 2019 Top 10 Bernews “Photo Of Day” TC WM

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1] Roundabout

An unusual view of a roundabout, full of spring flowers, took first position in April, attaining over 1,200 likes on Facebook and Instagram

622 A downward view of the north roundabout, full of spring flowers

2] Happy Good Friday

A kite soars above the beach in this second aerial shot.

414 Happy Good Friday to all the kite fliers all over

3] Elbow Beach

A beautiful view from the air of Elbow Beach and the south shore stretching to the east claimed April’s third spot.

382 A beautiful view from the air of Elbow Beach and the south shore stretching to the east

4] Field of Flowers

A field of flowers takes bloom in this photo which we posted on Easter Sunday

316 Wishing everyone in and outside of Bermuda a very Happy Easter Sunday

5] Shelly Bay Beach

An aerial look at Shelly Bay Beach takes the fifth spot on April’s list.

261 Flying towards Shelly Bay beach earlier in the week. What a great way to work this would be

6] Tucker’s Point Club Beach

Sixth position sees a look along the beautiful Tucker’s Point Club beach on a gorgeous day.

251 Looking down over the amazingly beautiful Tucker's Point Club beach on a gorgeous day

7] South Shore

How many shades of blue can you see? This view of the south shore on a calm day came in at number seven.

248 How many shades of blue can you see The fantastic view of the south shore on a calm day

8] Coral Beach

Continuing with April’s beach theme, this look at Coral Beach claimed the eighth spot.

246 Coral Beach looking beautiful on a spring day

9] Church Bay

Clouds soar above Church Bay in April’s ninth entry.

218 Looking out past Church Bay on a fluffy cloud day

10] Bermuda’s Amazing Waters

A spectacular view of Bermuda’s amazing waters rounds out April’s list in tenth position.

215 A spectacular view of Bermuda's amazing waters on Monday

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  1. faceoff says:

    Does Tuckers Point falls under the airport No fly zone for drones.