New American Airlines Flight From New York

May 29, 2019

Bermuda Skyport today [May 29] announced a new route from New York on American Airlines to begin in the winter.

Service will begin in December with a weekly flight from LaGuardia Airport every Saturday. The new route will fly year-round.

Minister for Tourism and Transport, Zane DeSilva, says: “The Ministry of Tourism and Transport continues to work closely with Skyport, the Bermuda Tourism Authority and the Bermuda Airport Authority on identifying and pursuing air services opportunities that will help to sustain the growth we’re seeing in air visitor arrivals.”

“American Airlines’ new LaGuardia service helps us achieve that by ensuring increased seat capacity out of New York, our largest visitor market, and it demonstrates the confidence that our airline partners have in Bermuda.”

Vasu Raja, Vice President of Network and Schedule Planning for American, says: “As we looked at our Latin America and Caribbean network, we saw some unique opportunities to grow, providing more service to the places our customers value most.

“We know that customers who travel for business during the week are seeking Caribbean destinations on the weekends, and we’re looking forward to providing new opportunities for that this winter.”

The flight will begin service on December 21. It will depart LaGuardia at 8am and arrive in Bermuda 11:30am before departing at 12:30pm to fly back to LaGuardia.

Aaron Adderley, President of Skyport, says: “It’s good to once again have a direct service out of New York LaGuardia ensuring that each of the three major New York City airports now has non-stop service to Bermuda. LaGuardia has long been a favourite for persons living in Manhattan given its immediate proximity and we believe it will no doubt appeal to Bermuda residents for that same reason.”

“Expanding airlift out of the Northeast has been a repeated request of the BTA and this certainly helps in that regard. With this new service now secured, there are other opportunities that we are actively pursuing, and we hope to see those brought to fruition soon,” Mr. Adderley added.

The LaGuardia service cements American Airlines as Bermuda’s largest carrier, bringing its total number of flights to the island to six, adding to its daily service to Miami, Philadelphia, and New York’s JFK, and seasonal service to both Charlotte and Washington D.C.

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  1. tony says:


  2. On Island Time says:

    Can you get a later flight leaving Bermuda to NYC? Currently the latest is 3:55pm. There are tons of Bermudians that would like to work the day in Bermuda and then go to NYC after work. So having a 7pm or later flight. Also this would aid in helping tourists spend an extra day full day here. Even if it was just a few nights a week.

    • somuchless says:

      I don’t know if you remember when USA3000 flew to Bermuda but the flight to Baltimore departed Bermuda around 8pm. The timing of that flight was excellent and they had so many repeat people. I wish they could come back.

    • Micro says:

      Yes, thank you! An evening flight that gets into NY 8-9pm Eastern time. Adds a bit of convenience for visitors. Locals and business travellers alike would enjoy getting into NY or any other hub city in time for the long haul redeye flights, arrive a whole day earlier almost if we had an evening flight.

  3. Iabingi says:

    What about flights from the south ( atlanta )?

  4. Red rose says:

    Well done skyport@

  5. Florida says:

    How about a direct flight to Orlando?!

  6. biggadon says:

    waste of time

  7. William Ernst says:

    Why did southwest pull out of Bermuda and might they come back?

  8. Leisha Choe says:

    Very nice to hear!

  9. Daren says:

    Hahahahaa well done Zane

  10. Hope says:

    This is great but a bit confusing. If business persons want to visit Bermuda on the weekends then how will they return back to the same airport if the flight is only once a week?

  11. Eve says:

    I agree, Saturday only seems odd hope of being a popular flight but American may be testing the profitability of a La Guardia to Bermuda route. Profit drives the airline’s decision on starting a new route or maintaining an existing route. And don’t forget the government/skyport/BTA may have contributed funds or other concessions too.

  12. Ladybug says:

    We know once a week flight don’t really works for Bermuda travelers! Also, when they will open a flight to Orlando?, At least during the summer, is a 3 hours flight, which turns in 7/8 hours flight. A lot of Bermudians travel to Orlando for college, vacation or already have a property there. But once a week flight like used to be do not work, specially for students who only wants to go home for the weekend, or Bermudians with family in Orlando who wants to visit only on the weekends and vs.
    Also flights after 4 pm can be nice but at same time US Customs will not be available, meaning we have to clear US Customs at the US port of arrival.