Think Twice Before Using Single-Use Plastics

May 22, 2019

“Think twice before using, and disposing of, single-use plastics”, that was the message today [May 22] from Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban who also encouraged the public to “keep Bermuda beautiful and dispose of all trash responsibly”.

Minister Roban said, “As we know, the long-awaited Bermuda Day holiday is this Friday, and the summer months are not far behind.

“As you prepare for your holiday events, enjoy our pristine beaches, and even prepare to run concessions – I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the Bermuda public to think twice before using, and disposing of, single-use plastics. Single-use plastics include items such as plastic cups, food containers, plates, straws, plastic cutlery, plastic bags and the like.

Minister Walter Roban Bermuda May 2019

“We have become reliant on plastic. We use it for everything and it is incredibly convenient. However this convenience comes at a high price.

“The Plastic Ocean Trust estimates that 80% of all marine debris is made from plastic. 8 million metric tons of plastic is being dumped into the sea every year and by the year 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.

“You will be reminded that in the Speech from the Throne, we made a commitment to eliminate the use of single-use plastics by 2022. A few Caribbean islands have already made dramatic changes to eliminate the sale, use and presence of single-use plastics in their jurisdictions and I am pleased that we have also begun the process to do the same.

“As we move towards a more progressive and conscientious era, I seek your support in helping us to achieve this goal.

“My message today is a short one, but of grave importance to our environment.

“Firstly, let’s keep Bermuda beautiful and dispose of all trash responsibly. At any events you host or attend, on beaches, parks or public spaces – have your own bags and containers for disposal. This will also help to assist those persons who have the responsibility for maintaining these public spaces for our benefit.

“Secondly, I would like to encourage the use of re-usable items. Many retailers around the island have begun to offer re-usable straws, utensils, cups and more. I want to encourage everyone to take advantage of these items and explore alternative options when purchasing plastic products.

“I’d like to wish everyone a safe, happy and plastic-free Bermuda Day Holiday. Join me in keeping our oceans and environment safe this holiday and summer season.”

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  1. Paper Straw says:

    How refreshing to hear the Progressive Labour Party discourage the use of plastic, but more importantly to encourage the disposal of garbage in a responsible manner. Right on Walt!!

  2. somuchless says:

    How about this: Think twice before voting for the plp

    • Kim Smith says:

      Can you please stop… this was a very constructive message and comments like this only serve to taint it.

  3. Trump supporter says:

    This is what was voted in, brilliance..
    The once a week trash pick is helping this service greatly.

  4. Yes beloved Prince….it is reusable…but you must wash it each time…

  5. Question says:

    What is he doing about all the rats?

  6. PANGAEA says:

    I would be interested to hear about the disposal of rats.

    People do not pick up their dog droppings.

    Last year I caught 8 , this year so far 12.

    I don’t agree with poison, the residual poison kills the birds, poison it is not a humane way of dealing with the rat problem as it takes 3 days for them to die, may be up in you roof.

    Hotels, condo’s and restaurant dumpsters are always crawling with rats at night.

    Norway rats breed about 6 time is any one year with 8 to 10 pups so we are looking at 48 to 60 rats per annum per house hold.

    10,000 homes here equates to 600,000 Bermuda rats .