Elliot Students Visit BMA For Currency Lesson

June 18, 2019

Students from Elliot Primary School visited the Bermuda Monetary Authority for a lesson in Bermuda’s currency. The students were also given an interactive tour of the Authority’s Museum.

Ten P2 students from Ms. Bean’s class at Elliot Primary School recently visited the Bermuda Monetary Authority [BMA] for a lesson in Bermuda’s currency and tour of the Authority’s Museum of Notes and Coins.

The class tour was directed by Mr. Michael Burgess of the BMA and focused on teaching the children about numismatics, which is the study or collection of currency. Numismatics includes collections of coins, tokens, paper money and related objects, like what is on display in the BMA’s museum.

Elliot Primary School BMA Tour Bermuda June 2019

The tour begins with a presentation that is customised for primary school children. This lesson gives students a better overall understanding of currency, such as the value of money, how it is made and circulation processes from distribution to the end of a currency’s lifecycle.

It also focuses on the island’s history from the introduction of currency in Bermuda to present day, including significant historical references and landmarks that are integrated into our local coins and banknotes.

Following the presentation, students are provided with an interactive tour of the museum, allowing for a closer view of the coins and paper notes that were introduced during the presentation. This combination of classroom style learning and touring the museum has proven to be a successful combination for young students to better understand of the concept of currency.

Ms. Bean said, “I have been taking my P2 class to the BMA for the past nine years, as it develops their interest in Bermuda money and its history. In my lessons, students are learning how to identify, count and make change using coins and notes of the two currencies used in Bermuda.

“I feel it is important for students to know the origin of Bermuda currency and its journey from birth to earning, saving and using to purchase and provide goods and services for consumers and producers. Therefore, the visits to the BMA have enhanced lessons for both my Social Studies lesson in Economy and Technology and Money for Numeracy.

“I would like thank Ms. Tessa Ingham, who was the initial BMA representative that worked diligently in guaranteeing that my classes received their BMA visits with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and interaction with the students.”

Mr. Burgess added, “I like working with the schools through my role as an Analyst in the Finance and Currency Department. The children are engaging and eager to ask questions that boost their knowledge of currency, and they often learn interesting facts that even their teachers or parents might not know.

“They get excited about visiting the BMA, and they’re even more enthusiastic after the visit when they leave with a whole new perspective on money that they can relate to everyday life, like understanding the value of a dollar and how it costs money to buy the things we need or want in life. The Authority is happy to support these school initiatives by providing opportunities for experiential learning where students can have handson experiences that reinforce what they are learning at school.”

If you are interested in booking a Currency presentation for your primary school class, please feel free to contact the BMA’s Currency Department at 295-5278 ext. 286 or ext. 231, or email currency@bma.bm.

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