Ministry Urges People To Conserve Water

July 24, 2019

With the hotter months upon us, the Ministry of Public Works is issuing a reminder to the community about the importance of conserving water this summer.

“The Ministry is urging residents to utilize some basic water conservation measures that will minimise the impact of possible water shortages this summer,” a Ministry spokesperson said.

“We are already experiencing significantly hot temperatures this summer. And along with the hot, humid weather comes an increase in water usage.

“Residents will know that Bermuda has a high reliance on rainwater collection. When the rains are scarce, the Government water supply and the Bermuda Waterworks supply are put under major stress.

“If Bermuda’s unique water system is to continue to meet the needs of our community it is critical that we exercise good water conservation habits. During these low rain level months, we want to remind and encourage residents to consider doing the following to conserve water:

  • Use a bucket, not a hose, to wash cars
  • Take quick showers, not full baths
  • Do not let water overflow or run after use
  • Inspect water tanks and plumbing fixtures regularly
  • Repair leaks quickly
  • Trim overhanging trees to prevent leaves from entering your tank; and
  • Do not order more water than is necessary

The Ministry spokesperson concluded, “We want to thank the public in advance for considering these conservation efforts. The Ministry will also continue to engage our relevant industry partners and others to ensure that the Government is providing the best service, support and guidance possible to ensure that our water supplies can sustain the island though this annual dry weather event.”

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    Do any retailers sell the fittings for faucet heads that ‘slow the flow’ so that we don’t waste/use so much water when we turn the tap on and let it run longer than is necessary?

  2. Slipnut says:

    Your Kitchen and Bathroom Taps have valves to control the Hot & Cold water supply to them under the counter. By adjusting them you can reduce the volume to each one individually. It always amazes me how our Island struggles with such primary services. Such as Potable water in this case. Taxpayers pay handsomely for people in the Water department every month but somehow every Summer there is no preparation for the demand. Heads up, 2020 has a Summer coming as well. Start to prepare now.