Wood Waste Deferred Until Further Notice

July 16, 2019

[Updated] The Ministry of Public Works has advised that the wood waste at Tynes Bay is now cleared and hauler dumping services have resumed as normal.

A spokesperson said, “This is due to a large influx of wood waste to the facility in recent days, which had caused a large backlog in the tipping hall.

“All truckers and haulers are therefore being requested by the Ministry to hold their bulk deliveries until the Tynes Bay wood waste backlog can be cleared.

“The Ministry will update the public once regular wood waste dumping services have resumed which expected to be one to two days.

“The Ministry apologies for the inconvenience and thanks haulers for their cooperation.”

Update July 17, 9:46am: A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Public Works has advised that the wood waste at Tynes Bay is now cleared. Hauler dumping services have resumed as normal.”

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  1. Onion Peels says:

    Or we could just have a really big summer bonfire ….

  2. trump supporter says:

    More rats.

  3. Pangaea says:

    This year there are 10 less rats this year, last year were 9 less and the year before that I eliminates 8.

    The sad news here is that I am stuck with a king size, jumbo SUPER RAT with a IQ of 98 running around the property , I have tried every trick in the book to catch him to no avail .

    Some body is feeding him ! because he will not take the tasty morsels on his supper menu .

    The moral to this story is, the older the rat the smarter they become .

    Two juniors # 7 & #8 last week have since departed.

    WARNING do not mess with rats if you are unsure of what you are doing.