Apple Arcade To Include Down In Bermuda Game

August 27, 2019

Apple’s upcoming subscription gaming service, Apple Arcade, will include a Bermuda-themed adventure game among its exclusive offerings.

Apple Arcade will allow App Store users pay a monthly fee to get access to more than a hundred premium games being developed for the service.

Screenshot from the forthcoming Apple Arcade game Down In Bermuda

Apple Bermuda Adventure Game

A reviewer who beta-tested Down in Bermuda earlier this month for the Apple news community website 9to5mac said: “The point-and-click style adventure game stars the adventurous aviator Milton, who leaves his family behind to voyage across the Atlantic on the journey of a lifetime.

“This appears to be a very early build of Down in Bermuda, but… it features beautiful graphics with bold lines and colors. Once it’s complete it should translate well to all Apple Arcade platforms.”

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