QUEST To Introduce New School To Bermuda

August 29, 2019

A new school called QUEST, which is “dedicated to providing students with a unique option in the educational market,” will be introduced in Bermuda in September 2020.

A spokesperson said, “QUEST is a new school dedicated to providing parents and students of Bermuda with a unique option in the educational market. QUEST intends to provide a 21st century, technology-based, rich learning environment that is reflective of today’s modern workplace.

“Through a process of collaboration, creativity, and innovation, students will have the opportunity to learn via their areas of passion or strength.

“QUEST is designed to serve Bermuda’s gifted and talented population between the ages of nine years to eighteen years.

“In alignment with the National Association for the Gifted Child [NAGC] Programming Standards, QUEST will provide research-based instruction for identified advanced-level learners in academic areas [Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and International Studies] including Athletics, Technology, the Visual and Performing Arts.

“In order to meet the needs of above grade level learners, QUEST will operate a two-stream programming structure – ARISE and SOAR. Both will utilize the International Primary and Middle Years Curriculum, as well as a high school curriculum aligned with international certifications.

“Our specialist teachers will provide delivery of curriculum in each stream via differentiation; adjusting the pace, level of complexity and depth, to provide rich learning opportunities that build upon higher order thinking skills, while facilitating authentic product creation in collaboration with professionals around the world.

“The ARISE Programme – Artistic Residents in Search of Excellence – is for artistically and athletically talented students who will explore and learn through a direct hands-on curriculum with an arts/sports-integrated focus.

“The SOAR Programme – Scholars On Academic Rise — is an innovative programme, appropriate for academically advanced, self-motivated, passionate students who are ready for rigorous, personalized learning experiences.

“QUEST will also facilitate students who may require learning opportunities in both programmes.

“The Board of Governors and I are working tirelessly to ensure that every stakeholder in QUEST will be enriched and motivated to spread the news about our school,” Chairman Dr Leonard Santucci said.

“QUEST will open its doors in September 2020 at a central location for eligible grades 5 and 6 students. Additional grades will be added in subsequent years. Join us at an upcoming parent forum in September, October, November or December 2019. Consult our website for specific details.

“To find out more about QUEST and submit an application, visit our website.”

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  1. Bob & Margret says:

    As a parent with kids who have up until now been in private schools in Bermuda I cannot see the need for another new school. We decided to send ours to the UK from this September because class sizes continue to reduce and that in my view that does not create the best environment for kids to learn and develop – Too big is not good, but equally too small is not good either. If there really is a need for a selective school in Bermuda (which I would challenge) surely it would be better partnering with one of the existing schools (Warwick/Saltus) to leverage their existing operations. Running a good school is not cheap! I also hold the view that top students will continue to leave the island for established top tier private schools. Obviously that is dependent on the parents being able to afford it, but you get a lot more for your money in the UK or Canada so anyone with kids over 11 years currently in the private system here in Bermuda should really do their research.