Gary Moreno Joins Police Communications Team

September 23, 2019

Gary Moreno will be joining the Police Communications team next month, the police have confirmed.

Mr Moreno — who is well known for his journalism work with the Bermuda Broadcasting Company — will be the new Corporate Communications Manager, and work alongside Mr. Robin Simmons who has undertaken the role since the departure of Dwayne Caines earlier this year.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service [BPS] announces that Mr. Gary Moreno will be joining their team from October 7th as the new Corporate Communications Manager. Mr. Moreno will work alongside Mr. Robin Simmons who has undertaken the role since the departure of Mr. Dwayne Caines earlier this year.”

Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley stated: “I am delighted to welcome Mr. Moreno to the BPS team as our new Corporate Communications Manager. He brings a wealth of journalistic and broadcast experience from his time with the Bermuda Broadcasting Company and he is a familiar face and voice to all in Bermuda.

“The panel who interviewed Mr. Moreno for the role were impressed with his desire to work for the BPS and his plans to further enhance public and police relationships.

“I particularly want to commend Mr. Robin Simmons who has worked tirelessly in his role over the past few months, notably highlighted during the recent events of Hurricane Humberto, and continues to take forward our business in this area with professionalism and skill.”

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  1. Congrats,I think he would be a good Polititian.

  2. What happened says:

    What happened to Robin Simmons he is/was more than capable!

    Bermudians just not good enough in their own country!

    • Working hard says:

      Agree! I wondered the same thing. Especially after he put in the all nighter at the emergency radio station during Humberto

    • Rockfish#1 and #2 says:

      Who are the members of the selection panel?
      Someone needs to explain why Robin Simmons did not get the top job.

  3. swing voter says:

    looking forward to a non-spin no BS guy in this position

  4. sage says:

    So he will be communicating exclusively with corporations? Why is this new position needed? Caines would usually come on the news and give less information than the initial news reported and say it is too early to comment. Watch a few re-runs and tell me what value the public gets for the cost.