Medals For Carifta 2020 Event Winners Unveiled

September 11, 2019

Bermuda National Athletics Association [BNAA] President Donna Raynor was today [Sept 11] joined by Minister of Labour, Community Affairs and Sports Lovitta Foggo at the National Sports Centre in Devonshire for the unveiling of the Carifta 2020 medals.

Carifta 2020 Medals Bermuda, September 11 2019

BNAA President Donna Raynor said, “The 2020 Carifta Games are drawing near and we are deep in preparation.

“Where the games are concerned, we have strict criteria as to the running of the event but for each country there is flexibility on everything else outside of the track and it can be designed based on your countries’ culture.

“This weekend we had our Technical and Organizational delegate on island to discuss our preparation thus far. I have to say that we received a pass for where we are at this point and time in relation to the date of the Games.

“We were fortunate as Domico came home this year and we were able to bring him on board as the Marketing Director. He has had free reign to create our logo, website, facebook, Instagram page, all of our marketing material and the design of our medals.

“As for the medals, Domico sent out an email to various medal companies for production and we were excited when we received a response from Runningimp out of the UK who are the producers of the London Marathon medals.

“They were impressed with the design and they did their research on the Carifta Games and wanted to be involved especially when they found out that Usain Bolt has been a part of these games and various other top athletes as well.

“They recognized that this is one of the top youth athletic events in the world and that this event is supported by our Governing Organizations, NACAC [North American, Central America and the Caribbean] and the IAAF [International Association of Athletics Federation].

“They were excited to come on board, produce the medals from our design and be a part of the 2020 Carifta movement.”

Marketing Director Domico Watson said, “The CARIFTA 2020 Bermuda medallions are a visual representation of our slogan ‘We Move Together’.

“The overall design reflects the unity that these games will represent for Bermuda and our visiting CARICOM nations. While the medals utilise very simple design they were entirely inspired by our island.

“The graphic shapes featured on the medals depict the horizon line formed when our sun and crystal blue waters unite. The use of lines and triangles were inspired by the classic architecture of Bermuda roofs and patterns within Bermuda kites.

“A color ring was placed on the front of the medals to represent the connection Bermuda and these games have with various cultures and communities. Each medal was given one of our 3 official CARIFTA 2020 colors.

“The bronze features the blue seen in our skies and ocean. The silver displays pink indicative of our sand and coral reefs.

Our gold medal uses purple chosen specifically as a symbol for the games, standing for the future and our island-wide unification.

“Lastly every medal has a final detail, our ‘We Move Together’ slogan engraved on the bottom. Our hope is that every athlete who receives one of these medals will cherish them as a reminder of their hard work and journey along with the hospitality Bermuda showed while hosting this championship event.”

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