Minister Roban Attends Renewable Energy Forum

October 22, 2019

Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban attended the 11th Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum in Miami, Florida.

A Government spokesperson said, “Recently, the Minister of Home Affairs, the Hon. Walter Roban, JP, MP, represented Bermuda at the 11th Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum in Miami, Florida.

“The event, which took place from October 16 – 18, is considered the largest annual gathering of the Caribbean energy market. Over 500 attendees from 50 countries attended, and over 25 Caribbean countries had government or utility representatives, and in many instances both.

“Bermuda was featured strongly throughout the conference as trailblazers in the region’s renewable energy sector, having actively translated renewable energy goals into workable plans for the island. A key highlight was the Regulatory Authority’s Integrated Resource Plan, which has helped to position Bermuda as a leader in sustainability efforts.

“Minister Roban was invited by Forum organisers to participate in a roundtable discussion with other Government Energy Ministers from Barbados and Jamaica which took place on October 17, entitled: A Ministerial Roundtable, and described as, “Planning and implementing for the future needs to take place at a national level and with a robust understanding of the implications of energy policymaking for fiscal stability, job creation, economic independence, and other critical factors.”

Minister Roban noted that Bermuda has, over many years, developed a very strict planning regime which has aided in the island’s ability to recover quickly from hurricanes.”

The Minister commented “Hurricane Humberto is a prime example of this. It will be important that other islands review their planning and environmental rules not only to assist in the immediate recovery from these events but also to aid in sustainable development practices in the long term.”

The Minister talked about the need to reduce energy costs and the many initiatives government has offered in the energy space.

Following the roundtable he noted, “This was a wonderful opportunity to represent Bermuda at the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum. I was able to discuss how we can go about reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and our impact on the environment. I spoke about Bermuda’s efforts to reduce our environmental footprint through our solar rebate program, the LED exchange initiative and our Integrated Resource Plan.”

“I also shared with the panel how many in the community have already embraced reducing our carbon footprint through the integration of renewable energy and reducing single use plastics. We are well on its way towards our goal of a greener better Bermuda.”

Minister Roban reflected on the conference saying, “Ultimately, this was a very productive forum and our sister islands in the Caribbean were eager to learn about Bermuda and what our government is doing to promote and encourage greener options and technologies.”

“Caribbean leaders must put the issues related to climate change and resilience at the top of the agenda for all subsequent meetings where the leadership comes together to discuss issues of importance and collaborate on lessons learned in our respective regions to implement resilient energy initiatives and policy. ”

The Minister concluded, “It is vital that we work together to move the world away from our dependence on fossil fuels.”

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  1. somuchless says:

    Another trip. Another dollar. Sigh

  2. Trump supporter says:

    Another waste of tax payers money.

  3. Kimberley Smith says:

    Very pleased that the Minister continues to look for ways for Bermuda to contribute to the critical need to move away from the use of unsustainable, fossil fuels. Thank you!