100WF Panel On Gender Parity In Cybersecurity

November 18, 2019

Bermuda’s 100 Women in Finance [100WF] network recently held a panel discussion on the topic of gender parity in the cybersecurity space, focusing on the employment gap for women.

A spokesperson said, “Cybersecurity has become one of the hottest and fastest-growing fields in technology across the globe today. Not surprisingly, women professionals are underrepresented in the cybersecurity workforce, as in other areas of technology.

“The session, hosted by Deloitte, featured an all-female panel rich in experience and well-versed on the subject of underrepresentation in the field of cybersecurity and technology.

“Speakers included Vicki Coelho, CEO of AAC – Premier Tickets, Dr. Marisa A. Stones, from the Department of ICT Policy & Innovation, Government of Bermuda, Coral Wells, CEO and founder of Connectech and Lorraine Mashiri, IT Advisory Senior Manager at Deloitte Bermuda, who moderated the session.”

Lorraine Mashiri, IT Advisory Senior Manager at Deloitte, Vicki Coelho, CEO of AAC – Premier Tickets, Coral Wells, CEO & Founder of Connectech and Dr. Marisa A. Stones, from the Department of ICT Policy & Innovation:

100 Women In Finance Panel Discussion Bermuda Nov 2019

“Panelists highlighted that women are globally underrepresented in the cybersecurity profession, despite the availability of a broad range of roles in the sector, from systems architecture, program management, platform and data management through to service delivery and operations.

“The panel emphasised that schools and parents hold the key to breaking down pre-conceived ideas about the roles available to women. Moreover, relatable female role models from the cybersecurity industry could exert powerful influence on shaping young women’s interest and aspirations within the field.”

Alison Morrison, Managing Director and founder of Bermuda Compliance Consultants and Chair of the 100 Women in Finance Committee in Bermuda, said, “I want to thank all the panelists for sharing with us their own individual journey them to become role models in their field for all women in Bermuda.

“Hearing about the many opportunities that exist for girls to get involved in this field at an early age through the recent launch of a Bermuda Chapter of Girls in Tech by Coral Wells was particularly encouraging.”

Lorraine Mashiri, IT Advisory Senior Manager at Deloitte Bermuda, said, “At Deloitte, we believe diversity is one of our greatest strengths. This event allowed women to explore how their skills can be used to help bridge the current employment gap and marks the start of something much bigger.

“We hope events such as these will benefit our young women in the future as we bring awareness to some of the misconceptions that exist in the cybersecurity and technology space.”

The spokesperson said, “The event was another success for the 100 Women in Finance committee in Bermuda, who have developed a reputation for inspiring and educational thought leadership and networking opportunities.

“The next Bermuda 100WF education event takes place on November 20. Sponsored by Orbis, the event will explore the importance of generosity, entitled: Create Your Legacy: Learn How to Give Effectively”.

“Stay up to date on all 100 Women in Finance events via our website. To learn more about the benefits of membership or to become a member of the 100 Women in Finance community, please visit the website to register.”

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