Column: Chris Famous On OBA Leadership

November 29, 2019

[Opinion column written by Chris Famous]

There have been interesting analyses of the results of the recent by-election in Constituency 17 Pembroke Central.

Some far-fetched, some spot on.

No matter where one stands politically, the results [vote share] below tell the tale:

  • 2003: the then UBP had 45 percent of the vote share
  • 2007: the then UBP had 47 percent vote share
  • 2012: OBA 49 percent vote share
  • 2017: OBA 34 percent vote share
  • 2019: OBA 35 percent vote share

Clearly, the pattern shows C 17 voters have moved away from and continue to stay away from supporting the UBP and now the OBA.

This, despite having reasonably good candidates in Andrew Simons and Dwayne Robinson, in 2012, 2017 and 2019, respectively.

What these results also indicate is that there are various mitigating issues why the Opposition is in and will continue to be in complete tatters.

Primarily, OBA supporters will have trouble accepting that their present leadership will never take them across the River Jordan.

Throwing Bollywood like hissy fits to get kicked out of the House of Assembly is not leadership.

It is not even showmanship.

Banging on a podium and shouting two days before an important by-election does not equate to leadership or, in this case, votes.

Actually, it shows massive insecurity.

Which, given time, will fully manifest in upcoming events and by-elections.

Logistically, the OBA have very, very few persons at present that can do all of the following:

  • A: Galvanize their base voters
  • B: Galvanize swing voters
  • C: Lead them to 20+ seats.

I can only identify one possible person, presently in their ranks, and even then, they still have a few years to grow into leadership, if they so desire.

Another key factor is that the OBA continuously give those involved with the UBP safe seats. Seemingly, almost like a retirement package, whilst anyone representing their next generation is forced to make politically unlikely runs.

Don’t believe me?

Have a look at the following allocations:

  • MP Pat Pamplin Gordon – C 23 – safe seat
  • MP Trevor Moniz – C 9 – safe seat
  • MP Jeanne Athertden – C 19 – safe seat
  • MP Michael Dunkley – C 10 – safe seat kinda
  • MP Scott Pearman – C 22 – safe seat
  • MP Cole Simons – C 8 – safe seat

Meanwhile, anyone not from the UBP era is on shaky to sinking grounds.

Does it remotely appear as if their present leadership is about real change or evolution?

At present, the OBA will have severe problems even shoring up some of the 11 seats that they presently have.

They will do well with putting a pause to the theatrics in Parliament and in the media.

OBA supporters need to honestly look at their own shortcomings before attempting to blame their consecutive political losses simply on race.

- Chris Famous


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Comments (9)

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    Oh for Christ’s sake, STFU.

    Bermuda is in a tailspin after 18 years of PLP failure, incompetence and fiscal imprudence. The PLP are the status quo.

  2. Red rose says:

    If I were the OBA i would take this attack as a compliment.
    I would further suggest to Mr Famous that he concentrates on key issues at hand such as reviving the economy.
    It beggar’s belief that while bermudians are suffering economically that he spends time on things like this.
    That says a lot about the PLPs state if mind.
    PS have you asked your UBP team how they felt when the premier used his delegates speech to attack them?

  3. Toadinthehole says:

    Mr Famous should spend his time fixing the economy. Does he really consider this to be a valuable use of his time?
    A better use of time would be to listen to the thousands of people opposing universal health care, or to the 200 bermudians who have lost their retail jobs, the bermudians who have been forced to leave their home to seek work or those now in negative equity because the value of their homes has dropped.
    This puerile and we, the people, should be asking ‘is this what we voted for?’

  4. DF says:

    This column tells me two things – 1. when there are really pressing items affecting Bermuda, all Mr Famous can write about are things like this, 2. even though his government enjoys a 25-11 majority, he is clearly still worried about the OBA.
    Lastly, why isn’t he looking to get his own house in order – why the need for the Premier to talk recently about the PLPs internal cannibalism.’
    Stop concentrating on puerile politics Mr Famous – and act spend your taxpayer funded time on matters that affect Bermudians

  5. aceboy says:

    The PLP have embarked upon a propaganda campaign that has convinced people that they are owed “stuff” and that the evil OBA are only concerned about rich people. This has been repeated in various forms over and over again.

    That is the real reason. The voters have fallen for it all, hook line and sinker. The hope is that wealth will be transferred and that they will be the beneficiaries.

  6. hanky panky says:

    How many UBP leaders have you given seats to?

  7. Retro says:

    This is the problem with politicians . They really do think it’s all just a game and that we find it amusing . If you are going highlight election results spanning back to 2003 you should ask yourself how much has education and training improved in those 16 years? How about our standard of living ? Has that improved in the last sixteen years ? This column reeks of self congratulation for being an effective political operative but winning elections does not equate to good governance and to be honest the residents of C 17 should understand that better than other constituencies.

  8. spinspinspin says:

    Wow. Just…. wow. Another barely literate blast of cherry picked facts and spin from brother Chris. I still cannot believe this man beat Bob Richards. I’d love to see them go head to head in Jeopardy.

    Seriously, does anyone believe this man’s drivel??

  9. Confused says:

    When will TCF ever write about what he is going to do to improve lives here. Not painting walls but real initiatives. For example the high price of electricity and why the current deal is bad for Bermuda