Minister: Provide Feedback On Race Relations

December 15, 2019 | 6 Comments

The Minister of Labour, Community and Sports Lovitta Foggo continues to encourage the public’s feedback regarding consultation on race relations in Bermuda.

A Government spokesperson said, “The public will recall that on November 29, Minister Foggo invited the community to visit an online forum to share their views on how “we can better the connections between the races”.

”The public can visit Citizens Forum at to offer their feedback on the following questions:

  • ”Do you think that Bermuda’s race relations have gotten better in the past five years?
  • ”What do you believe we can do either individually or as a community that will improve race relations?
  • ”What is the greatest stumbling block to us coming together as Bermudians? and;
  • ”With regards to the historical issues between the black and white communities, what does resolution look like?

Minister Foggo said, “Since launching our online consultation on race relations in Bermuda, we have been encouraged by the community engagement. As I indicated last month, we recognize that for generations Bermuda’s history has been fraught with tensions and disagreements when it comes to the topics of race, diversity, inclusion and equality.

“But how can we improve the connection between the races? I believe that as a community, we should have the courage and vulnerability to have these important conversations, and so, we continue to invite honest and direct engagement from the public.

“I also wish to invite any organisation or individual who is interested in discussing this topic directly with me to contact the Ministry to arrange a meeting so that we can share an exchange of views.

“We are open to hearing all suggestions and approaches of how we can address this issue – whether it’s more education about our collective history in our schools; or reviewing inequitable policies or laws that have existed on our legislative books; or whether it’s introducing or creating a cultural facility that showcases our racial and historical legacy; this Government is committed to addressing our racial divisions.

“Ultimately, our vision is for a fair and equitable Bermuda that embraces and supports all who calls this island home.”

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    ““We must hasten to employ measures which ensure that our people and our children know that a UBP vote is a vote back to the plantation. It is a vote that will return the shackles to our feet!”

    “It is a vote that will keep us as slaves because the UBP has one aim; to ensure we, the working class, the underprivileged, never get our fair share of that economic pie! For the UBP, money and wealth is meant only for those that control the economy when slavery was alive and kicking and for the descendants that controls the economy today. Emancipate yourselves!”

    Lavita Foggo – December 10th, 2007.

    I think, perhaps, Ms, Foggo needs to look in the mirror.

  2. Question says:

    You don’t what 7,500 people think so what’s the point of giving you our opinions?

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    You will recall, Minister, that on 29 November 2019 I said “I would go further Minister and say it is imperative we address the matter. The way some people are prepared to use racially charged language to ensure that communities stay divided is unfortunate and, sadly, all too common in Bermuda.”

    I repeat that comment and ask what has been done to addressed the situation?

  4. Um Um Like says:

    No, race relations have only gotten worse since the plp has been in power. It’s part of their divide & conquer strategy. To improve race relations, we can vote the plp out.

  5. Moses says:

    Want some feedback on race relations? Bermuda is the least racist country I have ever been to. Certain people here dwell on negativity constantly, and hold back the community by constantly inventing, imagining, or/ and magnifying racial issues.

    • Well name de countries you’ve been to, its still a racist country, its called subliminal racism.
      Sounds like Trump when he said he is de least racist person, he’s still a racist.
      If he said he is not racist then he would’ve have cleared himself.
      If you know about Bermudas History, we are racist to de core and it is still institutionalised.

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