Police Order Place’s Place To Close For 24 Hours

December 27, 2019

Following the stabbing incident on Christmas Eve, the police exercised their authority under the Liquor Licence Act to order Place’s Place to close for 24 hours -  from 5:00pm today, until 5:00pm on Saturday.

A police spokesperson said, “Following the incident of violence which occurred at Place’s Place at 5:37 pm on Tuesday 24th December – resulting in one man sustaining a stab wound to the chest – the Bermuda Police Service has exercised its authority under the Liquor Licence Act 1974 Section 47B, to close Place’s Place for a twenty-four hour period from 5:00 pm Friday 27th December, 2019, until 5:00 pm Saturday 28th December, 2019.

“Acting Superintendent Tracy Adams of the Tactical Policing Division issued the temporary 24 hour temporary closure on Friday 27th December.

“It is hoped the Management of Place’s Place will use this time to review the incident of violence and to take steps to better secure the property, with a focus on security cameras and ensuring the metal detector installed is operating properly. All in an effort to ensure that a similar situation does not occur again.”

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  1. Vortex says:

    How is a cocktail bar with a metal detector on the door even allowed to be open?

    Doesn’t it tell you enough about the people who go there?

  2. NO MORE WAR says:

    Huh? Wait a cotton picking minute. A guy goes into spinning wheel fires shots and that club isn’t closed but a guy stabs someone or fights someone inside a club and what do you know. It’s closed down by police for 24 hours. Omg. Hmmm something just isn’t adding up

  3. Confused says:

    What about the shooting at Spinning Wheel?

  4. Is it fair says:

    I understand there was a recent fight at Police Club but I don’t recall seeing how the club was closed for 24 hours….