Three People Arrested At Private Jet Facility

December 23, 2019

Three people were arrested at the private jet facility after “two local men entered the island on a private jet with multiple pieces of luggage that were believed to contain controlled drugs,” the police have confirmed.

A police spokesperson said, “In a joint Police and Customs initiative on Saturday 21st December 2019, detectives from the Specialist Investigations Drugs Unit & the Bermuda Customs Rummage Team arrested three persons at the private jet facility located at LF Wade International Airport.

“Earlier that evening two local men entered the island on a private jet with multiple pieces of luggage that were believed to contain controlled drugs.

“Those arrested remain in custody pending the outcome of investigations and consultation with the Director of Public Prosecutions.

“The Bermuda Police Service remains committed to working with its partners in law enforcement, both locally & overseas, to stem the flow of illegal drugs into Bermuda, and asks that anyone with information on the importation or sale of controlled drugs, contact the Specialist Investigations Drugs Unit on, 295-0011, or, the Confidential & independent Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. Dread says:

    If you ever wondered how drugs get into the island… there you go. And also I don’t know of any of my black friends that travel by private jet!

    • Boston Whaler Owner says:

      that’s cos ya got no friends

    • question says:

      You’re not friends with Ewart then?

    • hacka says:

      25g flight to make 500g …… brainar black or white

      • Boston Whaler Owner says:

        yeh,sos hows you know that,unless you were in on it or ya just flapping ya chops!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      hmm , I seem to recall a certain person , who’s name can’t be called, who used to pressure free rides on private jets belonging to exempt companies and also demanded that there be no sniffer dogs around when he traveled on commercial airlines .
      Having a good memory can be such a curse on this rock .

    • really says:

      Really you all don’t consider that last sentence as an ignorant one?

    • ImJustSaying says:

      First Off, how do you know they are Black? Its really sad for people to automatically think that just because its Drugs involved, that its black people. Last time I checked, white people do and import drugs to! just saying.

      Additionally, if you know they are black, you MUST know who they are…. again… just saying

  2. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    did they really think they would not get checked!

    • saud says:

      Maybe they thought they were MP’s and exempt from any import restrictions.

    • Mike says:

      To be so brazen, I would guess that they have gotten away with it before.

  3. SweetLoquat says:

    Still baffles me why people risk carrying drugs when you have a million and one other ways to-

  4. Donderered says:

    Cannot wait to find out whose these guys are

  5. Sharon says:

    Has it been proven to be drugs found in their luggage?

  6. Whistling Frog says:

    Their usual baggage handler had a day off…