Cannonier Urges Landlords To Help Tenants

March 19, 2020

“Landlords must work with their tenants to try and provide some relief as the economy faces huge disruption due to Covid-19,” according to the Leader of the One Bermuda Alliance, Craig Cannonier.

Mr. Cannonier said, “For the immediate survival of many small to medium sized Bermudian businesses, rent relief could be vital. Many buildings have long since been paid for, so landlords could afford to provide temporary help.

“Wouldn’t it be better to help business survive in the short-term so that they can continue to provide rent in the long-term?

“I would also ask that the Corporations of Hamilton and St. George’s consider waiving or reducing taxes in the short-term. I understand that this could put some strain on their finances, but those finances will be significantly worse if businesses fold.

“Now that at least one bank has taken action on mortgage repayments, I would urge landlords to make sure those savings are passed onto their tenants, some of whom may lose their jobs in the coming weeks and months and who will be looking for help.

“As I have previously stated, we must all work together to help Bermuda deal with this crisis. We are working with Government and continue to support their efforts. Others must follow suit.”

You can view all our coverage of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic here, our continuously updated live blog here and please recall to follow all guidance from the officials like washing your hands, adhering to self quarantine if relevant, and practicing social distancing!

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  1. What savings? says:

    What savings? There is no savings as the Banks have added to my payment schedule and so I still owe the money albeit 3 years from now so how can I be expected to forgive my tenant rents unless you are suggesting that I gift 3 months rent to people?

    You should be quiet as you have no clue what we as landlords go through to make our commitments work!

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    If the Government wants landlords to help tenants the Government had better help landlords. How about a big cut in land taxes for a start?

    • STFU says:

      Just goes to show how stupid the OBA leadership is! But OK let’s put Cannonier to the test… can he have Michael Dunkley who has been made his money as a landlord offer 3 months free to his tenants! Lead by example OBA!

  3. KENT says:

    Damn straight. They can trash your place and you can’t do a thing about it. It takes weeks to months to get them out and you eat it all with no rent while you work your butt off to get it back in order. You end up losing yet another month. Then since these tenants want to look like innocent Senators they bad mouth you to everyone that listens. BS

  4. Bda says:

    Took me 8 months to get this tenant out and now I gotta file a summons to the courts for my back pay why wasn’t this ordered when they ordered them to have 2 extra months to get out…laws between landlords and tenants need to be revisited..If I go to a store and steal a steak tho I’ll be in the paper the next day but these tenants get away with everything because they know how the system works…so they will abuse it!!!

  5. Get a grip says:

    I agree with STFU! Let’s have the entitled OBA lead by example and have the likes or Dunks and G families give their tenants a holiday on rents!