Video: Conversation With Premier, Ministers

April 30, 2020 | 5 Comments

The Government media is currently hosting a ‘conversation’ with Premier David Burt, National Security Minister Wayne Caines, Health Minister Kim Wilson and Chair of the Airport Authority and MP Lawrence Scott, and you can tune in live below.

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  1. @1 says:

    Who is “carly”????

  2. I think this Zoom podcast was very informative, there’s only one item that doesn’t sit well with me, The shelter in place for our homeless community among us, Minister Wayne Caines gave a very hopeful picture to some of the plights of our homeless population that is in the shelter in place at The Cedar Bridge Academy, and the hopes and aspirations that some have after leaving there, but truthfully where do they go when they leave there, “BACK TO THE STREETS”. This is not acceptable and I say shame on the Government and the Business communities and the private sector.

    We have to date Millions of dollars that have been set aside to assist many from all sectors of our society, but this homeless community is yet to get the attention that it deserves, The Salvation Army has been given the old Bishop Spenser School Facilities and they need just over $5,000.000 Million Dollars to renovate and give back to the community a well worthwhile facility that is so desperately needed, not everyone that is homeless is there by choice, and with an uncertain future ahead, Lord only knows how many other Bermudians are on the boarder line of becoming homeless them-self, many in our country are one pay check away from the poverty line, this is an age old problem that needs fixing.

    The former Government raked out Millions into America’s Cup and what did it benefit the tax payers, this Government is forced to do stimulus packages and private sector has donated into the now few millions, but the most needy among us is still be blatantly ignored.

    Fix this problem and I think if Government and the Business community and every other part of our society make this a priority, we can fix this before the close of 2020 and prayerfully have a facility upgraded before the end of 2021 and the same for the Transitional living facilities for single Mom’s with Children at the old Pembroke Rest Home, it’s sickening to see such wealth all around us coupled with so much “GREED”.

  3. saud says:

    “The former Government raked out Millions into America’s Cup and what did it benefit the tax payers, ”

    For the ignorant, they spent $65 million for a $300 million return.
    300 is more than 65, so this is actually a good thing.
    Sorry you don’t understand basic economics…but you sure know how to perpetuate racism.

    • Prove it says:

      300 million? Prove it! That PWC report was a complete joke as no expenses listed or accounted for and a large part of the return claims were for “future dollars” which fell flat! Stop spreading the lies and own up to the fact that some families that were in imports, construction and liquor made millions!

      • bluenose says:

        Sure, because PWC don’t have any sort of international reputation to maintain. Who would you rather have carry out a review? And you are accusing the original poster of spreading lies. smdh.

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