Govt: Bus Service Resumes On Wednesday

May 19, 2020

Bus service is scheduled to resume daily operations on Wednesday May 20th “under the temporary reduced service COVID-19 bus schedule with limited passenger capacity,” the Government said this evening.

A spokesperson said, “As a reminder, passengers with March 2020 passes may continue to use these until 31 May. April and May 2020 passes may be returned and exchanged for June, July or August 2020 passes only. All exchanges must be made at the Central Bus Terminal on Washington Street, Hamilton by the deadline date of June 21, 2020. Please observe the COVID-19 physical distancing and hygiene requirements in place at Central Terminal.

“The Ministry of Health requires that all passengers wear a face mask when traveling on the public bus. DPT will monitor the demand and deploy additional buses where possible. The riding public is asked to refrain from using the bus service unless it is essential.

“Before boarding, passengers are reminded of the following:

  • Do not board a bus if you are unwell or displaying flu-like symptoms such as a fever, cough or sneezing.
  • Reduce conversations with bus operators; if you must converse do so at the door.
  • All passengers must wear a face mask; individuals without will not be permitted to ride.
  • Customers must sanitize their hands on entry.
  • Adhere to the physical distancing signage when choosing your seat.
  • Healthcare workers must not wear their medical uniform on the bus.
  • Remember, travel only for essential purposes and never if you have cold or flu-like symptoms; fever, sneezing or coughing. Now is not the time for the leisurely bus or ferry rides so stay at home as much as possible.

“The COVID-19 Temporary Bus Schedule is available online. The Department of Public Transportation would like to thank the public for their patience and cooperation as we safely reopen Bermuda’s economy.”

Central Bus Terminal Physical Distancing Measures

“The Department of Public Transportation is advising the public of the physical distancing measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With immediate effect, all public bus transportation customers must adhere to the following instructions when boarding and/or disembarking at the Central Terminal.

“Passengers waiting for departing buses will line up on the Church Street sidewalk for Routes 7,8,9,10 and 11 and the Victoria Street sidewalk for Routes 1,2,3 and 4.

“Passengers are asked to maintain physical distancing at all times when waiting in line and they must wear a mask. Signage and ground paint has been applied to indicate the requirement for physical distancing in each passenger line, at each departure bay and the cashier’s kiosk.

“Security guards will be stationed at the Church Street and Victoria Street terminal entrances. Access will not be permitted from the opposite side of Washington Street. When departing buses are ready to board, security guards will announce the departure and by a show of hands identify passengers wishing to travel on that route. Passengers will then be directed to the correct bay while maintaining social distancing.

“Please note that passenger capacity on buses has been reduced to allow for physical distancing. The number of passengers directed to the departure bay will strictly match the capacity of the bus operating that route.

“Arriving passengers at the terminal must follow the signage and designated exit paths and immediately exit the terminal. Transferring passengers must join the line on either Church or Victoria Street.”

“Those wishing to access the bus fare/cashiers kiosk should advise security. The kiosk will open per its normal operating hours as follows:

“Monday – Friday: 7:15 AM – 7:00 PM | Saturday: 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM | Sunday and Holidays: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM.”

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  1. lion says:

    So let me get this right. We have to stand 6ft apart outside in the fresh air but sit 3ft apart in a closed in bus?