Art Display Of Blue Butterflies At Roundabout

August 26, 2020

An art display of fluttering blue butterflies is featured at the Crow Lane Roundabout in Paget, having been created by local artist Nicky Gurret.

A Government spokesperson explained, “Members of the public have no doubt noticed the art display of fluttering blue butterflies, accompanying the zinnia flowers planted in Crow Lane Roundabout, Paget.

“In May 2020, the Department of Parks reached out to local artists and art organizations seeking individuals to contribute their expertise in creating an artistic display to complement our annual summer flower planting.

“After evaluating the submissions, Nicky Gurret, a local artist and registered architect was selected, and her art exhibit was later placed in the Crow Lane Roundabout.

Nicky Gurret Bermuda Aug 2020

“As an artist, Ms. Gurret has worked in various mediums including painting in oils and acrylic, photography, floral art, and eco-art. She is also an author, having published a book on Beach Art in Bermuda.

“Through her art, Ms. Gurret has won 7 medals at the Chelsea Flower Show in England which includes one silver won with the Bermuda Department of Parks team in 2011. She has also entered the World Association of Floral Artist shows six times and took first place in the 18th year of the event held in India earlier this year.

“Ms. Gurret created the artwork by recycling aluminium soda and beer cans. She then cut out 4 different sized butterflies, which were spray painted and attached to steel stakes of various heights using stainless steel wire. Once completed, the display, consisting of over 250 butterflies, two chrysalis, and two clay caterpillars, was placed in Crow Lane Roundabout. All the material used was sourced and created in Bermuda.

Ms. Gurret describes her piece by saying, “My art installation is a response to the period we are living in and is called ‘Transformation’. It draws inspiration from the butterfly that was once a chrysalis that was once a caterpillar that was once an egg. As a result of the pandemic, we are in a period in our life where change is forced upon us.

“This has caused many to lose their jobs, schools to close with teachers and students resorting to online learning, large groups unable to congregate to watch sports, families apart, and cannot travel together to meet and socialize. There is also the potential for isolation, especially the elders in homes, from their younger family members.

“We are in a period of uncertainty and upheaval. This art takes from nature and the butterfly life cycle and shows us that change is possible and required now more than ever. We must all come together like blue butterflies and transform.”

“If you have not seen the art display and zinnia flowers, the Department of Parks urges all members of the public to take a drive with their friends and family to view the art exhibit,” the spokesperson added.

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  1. Rise says:

    I thought it represented St. George during Cup Match and wondered what happened to somerset?