DENR Monitoring & Assessing BELCO Emissions

August 6, 2020

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources [DENR] said they continue to work with BELCO to “monitor emissions from BELCO following concerns raised by affected area residents.”

A spokesperson said, “The Department of Environment and Natural Resources [DENR] continues to work with the Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited [BELCO] to monitor emissions from BELCO following concerns raised by affected area residents.

“A plan of action was immediately implemented to address these concerns, as well as the conditions set by the Environmental Authority – which includes monthly updates on progress. BELCO is working quickly to rectify the issue with emissions from their facility, in consultation with DENR. Meanwhile, DENR is continuing to monitor and assess this unforeseen situation, to ensure the public’s safety.

Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said,“What area residents have experienced to date is unfortunate, and it is clear that more needs to be done to address their important health and safety concerns.

“I acknowledge that the information received so far is disturbing, but further assessment needs to be conducted. As a result, a team from DENR will meet directly with those affected to get first-hand information. I would also encourage BELCO to have greater engagement with the affected home owners.”

A spokesperson added, “To understand the potential impact from downdrafting of emissions, a mobile air quality and meteorological monitoring station – purchased by BELCO – is anticipated to arrive in Bermuda and be operational in the near future, to further assist air quality assessments.

“A suitable location to operate the mobile air quality monitoring station will be agreed upon, after consultation with affected home owners as well as DENR technical officers. Residents directly impacted by BELCO emissions are encouraged to e-mail their complaints to”

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  1. BelCo does not care about its neighbouring residents.
    Not at all.
    The residents in that area MUST hold BelCo accountable ALWAYS.
    DO not believe that they care. They have proved that they do not.

  2. Kathy says:

    Another wake up call to head down the road towards 100% renewable energy as expeditiously as possible. ENOUGH, BELCO, WITH DIRTY FOSSIL FUELS. ENOUGH, GOVT L, WITH EARNING IMPORT DUTY ON FUEL OIL. ENOUGH!

  3. Dark Star says:

    How about the massive plume of smoke every night that is spewing out of that new smokestack.