Men With ‘Bladed Articles’ Fight At Soup Kitchen

August 30, 2020

Two men with “bladed articles” sustained injuries after fighting at a weekly soup kitchen charity event at a church.

A police spokesperson said, “Shortly before 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, 29th August, police received a report of two males fighting, at the weekly soup kitchen charity event held at Christ Church in Warwick.

“Reports indicated both men were armed with bladed articles and had each sustained injuries.

“One of the men involved, a fifty-seven-year old, had a cut to his head. The other man, a forty-seven-year old, suffered a cut to the hand.

“Both men were conveyed via ambulance to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where they were attended to for their injuries which were considered non-life-threatening, before being handed over to police.

“Investigations into this incident are ongoing and anyone with information is asked to call 211 or, the main police number, 295-0011.”

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  1. Horrible says:

    They ruin it for themselves, such a shame

  2. Joey-Bag-O"doughnuts says:

    What a shame!! Disgusting behavior from two selfish idiots that can’t leave their differences outside.Both should be thrown in jail.

  3. JohnBoy says:


  4. Gary E Wilson says:

    If convicted in court , its probably jail time , and the church must take its own action as well. So who=ever is responsible is back to square one trying to get something to eat , and family gonna keep their distance too.

  5. Toodle-oo says:

    First off I feel terrible for the church volunteers who have given so unselfishly of themselves to have to have been subject to this . I have little doubt that it rattled them no end.
    Secondly it brings into question the effect of the bladed article law passed many years back. It seems that it’s made NO difference whatsoever as we regularly read of people either involved in stabbing assaults or being caught with these knives, etc when ‘normal people’ have no need to carry such things in their day to day lives.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that if we could really see or know on a real time basis how many people were casually walking amongst us with guns and knives or any sort of weapon much less the people with no license or insurance or outstanding warrants or carrying significant amounts of drugs we’d be well and truly shocked.

  6. Ringmaster says:

    Thrown in jail, and cost more money to house and feed them? Put them in the stocks for a few days and nights. Name and shame (for breaking quarantine) is OK according to the Minister of Health so why not a bit of fresh air with the shame?

  7. Fred says:

    I’m not trying to take away from the event but i feel like bernews has done enough stories to know that its not a weekly soup kitchen, its a feeding program that’s been going on for months/actually years

  8. Mistur Keeyuk says:

    Come on man, they probably just thought they were on the show “Chopped”, but did not know what it actually entailed.

  9. Jester says:

    Thats what happens when you ask people to bring their own utensils?