Minister Observes Banana Shipment Inspection

August 13, 2020

Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban visited the Department of Environment and Natural Resources [DENR] headquarters at the Botanical Gardens to observe the ongoing inspection of the recent banana shipment to Bermuda.

“While there, Minister Roban had the opportunity to speak with the importer, Mr. Roland Hill of J&J Produce, as well as members of the DENR team meticulously examining bunches of the popular fruit,” a Government spokesperson said.

“Minister Roban reminded that the inspection process is essential, to ensure Bermuda’s environment is not adversely affected by imported pests.

“The rules in place regarding the importation of fruits and vegetables are there for a reason – and that is to protect our environment. While such safeguards can be frustrating for those wishing to import horticultural items, we simply cannot take the risk of relaxing our protections. Mr. Hill is proof that being persistent and following the relevant guidelines can produce a ‘win-win’ for all involved.”

The recent arrival of bananas on the island was very well received, with over 2,000 Facebook and Instagram ‘likes’ on Bernews original story and posts about the shipment, and the bananas are understood to be selling extremely well at MarketPlace.

Minister Roban with some of the recently imported bananas

Bananas Bermuda Aug 12 2020 (3)

Minister Roban and Mr. Roland Hill of J&J Produce

Bananas Bermuda Aug 12 2020 (2)

Minister Roban and Acting DENR Director Terry Lynn Thompson look over some of the recently imported bananas

Bananas Bermuda Aug 12 2020 (1)

DENR Lab Technical Assistant Kimberly Burch examines a bunch of the recently imported bananas

Bananas Bermuda Aug 12 2020 (4)

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  1. Noah James says:

    OMG! Really!!! This had NOTHING to do with him! A photo op?!! Captions for that second picture please!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      bwahaha , you’re reading my mind re: the 2nd photo .. lol

      ps , great job Patty and Junior . Hopefully this will work out well for you and the consumer .

    • sandgrownan says:

      Mr Hill is saying “help help, this man is trying to steal my bananas!”

  2. Maria says:

    Lololol. He’s inspecting bananas.

  3. ella says:

    Even though I have not had the chance to purchase any of the bananas due to them being sold out – I want to personally thank Mr Roland Hill of J&J Produce. You do deserve the golden star!!! Maybe, just maybe I will be able to have codfish & potatoes on Sunday?

  4. jose says:

    if these night farmers stopped stealing bananas from the local farmers then we would have a good supply
    shame on you night farmers

  5. Ann Selley says:

    Congratulations Jr and Patty!!! You have made soooonmany people happy!!!!

  6. puzzled says:

    What a load of peel…..

  7. bluenose says:

    Just as well there aren’t any more pressing issues in Bermuda. smdh.

  8. Supporter says:

    I’m so glad that the PLP government did what was right for this country and brought in bananas! If we want the banana supply to continue, we should vote PLP in the next election!