Curtis Dickinson To Run In Constituency 21

September 3, 2020

Curtis Dickinson will be moving to C21 Pembroke South East to contest that seat for the PLP in the upcoming General Election, PLP Party Leader and Premier David Burt said today.

Speaking at today’s [Sept 3] PLP press conference press briefing, Premier Burt said, “I know that with the announcement of Senator Simmons-Wade, there is going to be intense speculation about what happened to the incumbent MP in constituency 25, our Finance Minister, Curtis Dickinson.

“I can confirm that the Executive Branch of Constituency 21 has met MP Dickinson and he will be moving to C21 to contest that seat for the PLP in the upcoming General Election with the full support of the sitting MP Rolfe Commissiong.

“We have a strong team in Constituency #21, Pembroke South East. While Minister Dickinson and the C21 team will be focused on communicating with the voters in that seat, he will also have time to focus on executing the economic recovery plan aimed at creating jobs and opportunity that he outlined yesterday.”

Mr Commissiong — who was elected as a PLP MP in Pembroke South East with 67.25% of the vote — has confirmed that he will not stand in the upcoming election.

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  1. Coupe Denmark says:

    Well, the country has a long history of Finance Ministers losing their seats – Clarence James, Paula Cox, Bob Richards… so this must be a new take on an old problem. Come on Constituency 21, don’t let us down here.

    Besides the thought of Curtis Dickinson canvassing the rather unique byways of Constituency just does not ring true. I’m concerned that he might well be mistaken for an undercover police officer – indeed, what a great disguise.

  2. red rose says:

    so seems like dirt is dug to get rid of rolfe to make way for dickinson to have a safe seat. I don;t like the way our Premier goes about things at all

    • Ringmaster says:

      Pretty typical for politics. When you are no longer needed, or are a hindrance, the fleas bite, and they bit hard against Rolfe.

  3. Brilliance of Burt - LOL says:

    Brilliance of Burt – LOL

  4. Maddog says:

    Rolfe had to resign his seat because he said something not to nice to a woman that he work with and he Agreed that he was wrong and they had a out of court settlement..