Social Justice Bermuda Release 2020 Platform

September 22, 2020

Social Justice Bermuda [SJB] has released its platform, saying “with this document, we seek to highlight our values and draw our community and elected leaders’ attention to some pressing social justice issues.”

The document describes the group by saying, “Social Justice Bermuda is a collective of Bermudians who are inspired by the global Black Lives Matter Movement and the way that communities around the world are standing together to tackle and dismantle oppressive systems of injustice and racism.

“We are an advocacy group with no political affiliation.”

The full Social Justice Bermuda 2020 Platform details follow below [PDF here]:

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  1. Jay says:

    Good points. I know of one middle school that had a gardening club don’t know about the others. There was one primary school that I know of that had one a few years back but I don’t think they do it anymore because students wasn’t interested after a while. Sex education in schools can be a hit or miss. Some parents may not want their child’s school teaching them about sex. I know when I was in middle/high school (some years back)some kids wasn’t paying attention in health class were they taught us about nutrition, sex Ed. our bodies, exercise and healthy eating. Years laters only for some to say I wish they would have taught us that in school. They taught you that but you wasn’t paying attention. Not sure how far in those teachings they go in health class today. Some of these issues start at home. We have to be mindful on how we talk and treat our children and listen to them. Words hurt. Some parents are so quick to shut down their children instead of listening to them when they want to talk about things like being depressed, anxiety, peer pressure etc. All that can mess with a child’s mental health. Some parents feed their children junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner even though school promote healthy eating, lunches, drinking water and no junk food when in school. That should be kept up in the home as well. I’ve heard parents shout and curse at their kids all day and call them names. Just take a look at what was done at Victor Scott where the boys wrote down things adults have said to them. That could mess with a child’s mental health. We can put all these things in schools but I think parents also have to do their part at home as well. School was out for 5 months, I wonder how much healthy eating was done at home, how many parents asked their kids about their mental health, talked to them about sex.

  2. Hey says:

    This would have got more traction And had a bigger impact after the election. Timing is awful. How soon is now springs to mind,

    I agree with many of the items raised, but disagree with all forms of discrimination, and one of the items is pure discrimination. That is a the wrong path to follow.