Tech Issues: BWS Website [Seems Fixed Now]

September 16, 2020

[Updated] The Bermuda Weather Service website continues to experience technical issues — as of this writing it is still saying a hurricane warning is in effect — and while they await the issue to be resolved, the BWS is updating their Facebook page with pertinent information.

A BWS forecaster told Bernews, “I cannot speak to the specifics as this is a network/connectivity issue that the local IT departments have been working very hard to get the issues resolved since the passage of hurricane Paulette.

“Some aspects of the website are now working such as radar. But, some other pages such as Tropical Updates and the Forecast are still not making it out live to the public as of yet. We are hoping for this to be resolved soon.

“Meanwhile, we are updating the Bermuda Weather Service Facebook page with any pertinent changes as they develop.”

The BWS’ latest post on Facebook said, “While our IT team work diligently to resolve our unfortunate connectivity/network issues, we are providing the latest RADAR imagery on our website just in time for your morning commute. Please visit here.”

Bermuda Weather Service Sept 2020

You can view our live updates on Paulette here, and all our coverage of Paulette here.

Update 3.56pm: It appears to be mostly fixed now and is correctly updated.

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