Police To Step Up Covid Compliance Checks

November 20, 2020 | 7 Comments

“From tonight the BPS will be stepping up Covid compliance checks at licenced premises,” Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes said.

The Assistant Commissioner said that the news today from Ministry of Health — which confirmed the latest case in the island is a ”symptomatic resident with no history of travel and remains under investigation” — has “reminded us all that the pandemic is far from over, even here in Bermuda.”

“To this end, I have today instructed all Police Officers to do more to ensure compliance with the Covid-19 Regulations,” he said.

“A quick drive around the City of an average Friday evening makes it obvious that many restaurants and bars have somewhat relaxed their vigilance around the Covid-19 Regulations.

“Masks are not being worn appropriately, sanitiser stations are being ignored, contact tracing is not taking place, patrons are moving freely among tables and congregating in groups less than 6 feet apart without masks etc etc.

“From tonight the BPS will be stepping up Covid compliance checks at licenced premises around the island and enforcement actions will follow where blatant offences are seen occurring.

“Licence Holders are reminded that The Regulations allow for licenced premises to be shut down for 24 hours where a Superintendent of Police deems that offences have taken place on their premises and it is necessary to close them down. Premises who have become lax in their compliance can expect to be shut down and additionally face consequences in court.

“The issue of large gatherings at House Parties has also been raised and patrols will be instructed to monitor gatherings and where numbers are suspected to be in excess of 75 persons [and no permit exists] or where mask and physical distancing protocols are being blatantly disregarded, enforcement action will follow.

“It is up to all of us to work together to keep Bermuda safe and to reduce the infection rate in order to save lives.”

Police comment Nov 20 2020

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  1. Missbitt says:

    Maybe they better start more frequent checks on the so called self quarantine rule breakers.Do the bracelets even work.I sure trust this isn’t the start of breakout

  2. George jones says:

    So the rumor and I emphasize rumor is that the parent had visitors on island. So with visitors why was the kid at school when the rule is that they have to stay at home for 14 days if in the same household as visitors. I can see other parents being a little upset if this is the case.

  3. Sean says:

    How is this a police function? Should dept of health have a unit to tackle this?

  4. sage says:

    Yet they can’t step up DUI checkpoints, and when drunks crash and don’t run away is the only time they are caught, then the judges send them to DUI court where I’m guessing they avoid punishment then repeat.

  5. cmmd says:

    This is just the start. The Police can’t do anything. Average Bermudian doesn’t know the government changed the rules of quarantine to attract the recent events and put every Bermudian at risk. 50 Percent of all cases are found day 4 and after. But the rules are now that you are aloud to travel around the island after day 1 negative test and participate in any outdoor event including restaurant patios.
    They had 1 case where tourist had positive test on day 4 but partner tested negative. Under the rules the partner could go anywhere indoors and out and did. Partner tested positive on day 8.
    Yet everyone is surprised that there are local cases (yes plural because trace of other non traveler went back to partner mentioned).
    Hell they have commercial in US saying come to Bermuda and enjoy after your first negative test. Ask any doctor… Irresponsible and solely based on $$$$$

    • RandomJ says:

      only allowed travel after day 1 negative if they did a pre test and received negative for this as well, at least pretty sure.

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