BPS: Curfew Still In Place For New Year’s Eve

December 30, 2020

“The curfew is still in place for the New Year’s Holiday weekend, with restrictions of movement from 11pm to 5am, and from 6pm to 5am on the water,” the police said today.

A police spokesperson said, “With the Christmas holiday weekend marred by the shooting of a man on Court Street, in which, thankfully, there was no loss of life or serious injury, the Bermuda Police Service [BPS] is now shifting focus to the upcoming New Year’s holiday weekend, planning police operations to Make Bermuda Safer.

“To that end Martin Weekes, Assistant Commissioner of Police, advised the public of some of the policing measures being implemented over the next few days, as we enter into 2021.”

curfew square dec 30 2020

Assistant Commissioner Weekes said: “Barring the firearms incident injury, it was a relatively peaceful Christmas holiday, from a policing perspective and we thank you the community, for doing your part and abiding by the Government Regulations designed to keep us safe.

“During the week leading up to Christmas, however, Police Covid compliance checks caught 15 persons breaching the curfew. These people will be placed before the courts and risk a large fine.

“I wish to remind the public that the curfew is still in place for the New Year’s Holiday weekend, with restrictions of movement from 11pm to 5am and from 6pm to 5am on the water.

“In order to achieve compliance, the BPS will be out on the roads supported by our colleagues in the Bermuda Reserve Police as well as the Royal Bermuda Regiment Coastguard and will be engaging with the community on the roads and on the water. Our intention is to reassure the public, ensure compliance with the COVID Regulations and to prevent incidents of antisocial behaviour.

“We also ask the motoring public to assist us by driving responsibly and adhering to the speed limit over the holiday weekend. During previous curfews and the Shelter in Place it became clear that motorists were taking the opportunity afforded by the lack of cars on the road to drive at excessive speeds.

“The BPS Roads Policing Unit will be conducting speed checks to catch those who put themselves and other road users at risk. I also remind the public of one of CADA’s key messages “ABCD” – Always use bus, cab, or designated driver. If you drink, don’t drive. The decisions you make can be life altering and the life you save just might be your own.

“Once again, be mindful of the curfew restrictions and ensure you give yourself ample time to be home by 11:00 p.m.

“On behalf of the Commissioner of Police, the staff and officers of the Bermuda Police Service, I wish each and every member of our community, a safe and happy New Year.”

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  1. Dread says:

    How come “titty milk” wasn’t placed before the courts and fined??

  2. Hmmm says:

    So is the curfew designed to slow the spread of covid or to make people “safe” in a general more sense? Disturbing how easily people are willing to give up basic liberties.

  3. In Mark's Opinion says:

    Something is terribly wrong with the world we live in. Has the whole world become a prison.