Column: Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

December 22, 2020

[Opinion column written by Agathe Holowatinc]

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it might be helpful to put together a little list of gift ideas for the health nut in your life.

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas Bermuda Dec 2020

Set of 4 – 6 wine or beer glasses

For upscale breakfast smoothies & impressive fresh pressed juices, obviously!

Buy at Gorhams, Price Rite or Gibbons Home.

Not for wine or alcohol but for breakfast smoothies and juices, these are a favourite of mine and a must-have in my kitchen. I’m sure your health nut will appreciate this gift, just be sure to write the purpose in your card so they don’t think you’ve totally missed the boat. Email me if you’d like to also include a FUELLED healthy smoothie recipe with your gift, I’ll send you one.

Udo’s Oil Omega 3-6-9 Blend or a Bag of Hemp Hearts

To help them get those essential omegas into their body and boost their skin, brain, hair, and hormone health.

Buy at Rock On: The Health Food Store [Front Street] for Udos and Lindos for Hemp Hearts.

I swear by my Omegas. Email me for a FUELLED recipe too if you’d like to include that in your gift.

Dr. Bronner’s Soaps

For healthy skin care that smells uplifting too.

Buy at Lindos.

This is what I use at home in the bath and shower. My favourite scents are Tea Tree [also leaves you feeling tingly clean afterwards], peppermint and citrus. What you put on your skin makes its way to your gut microbiome – so be selective and use healthy skincare that is free of toxins. Your health nut will already know that.

Stylish Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in style.

Buy at Brown & Co, Gorhams, Atelerie.

Even if they already have one, these things get beat up at the gym, beach and in transit all year long. A new one would be a great gift to get your health nut.

Gift Certificate for Devil’s Isle or Village Pantry

Because that’s where they eat.

Buy at Devil’s isle in Hamilton or Village Pantry in Flatts Village.

Village Pantry is right around the corner from me and I promise that even if they don’t go in person due to Covid-19, they’ll use your gift certificate for takeout.

FUELLED Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Gift Certificate or Private Cheffing or 2021 Workshop Gift Certificate

Because getting optimal nutrition on track will enhance every type of health nut’s wellness regime.

Buy at

Help your health nut rise and shine in 2021 by supporting them with their nutrition and healthy eating goals.

Garmin Vívosmart 4 Activity Tracker, or another sports watch

For stylish activity and sleep monitoring.

Buy at Audio Visual.

I’ve been eyeing this, and it comes in pink and other colours too while prices range from $100 to $900 with added features and different styles.

Fleece Blankets

Because they hit their workouts hard and they’ll want cozy winter downtime too.

Buy at Gibbons Home.

I probably have 15, but am always delighted to receive a new one.

Shambhala Sound Bath Experience

To soothe their mind and enhance full body restoration.

Buy by calling or email Shanell Vaughn to order and arrange delivery to you: or 703-9644. $150 for up to 6 people per sound bath experience.

I absolutely love these!

10 Benefits of Sound Baths:

  • 1. Improves immune system functioning
  • 2. Lowers blood pressure
  • 3. Balances chakras [energy centres]
  • 4. Reduces inflammatory disorders
  • 5. Improves mood
  • 6. Reduces anxiety
  • 7. Reduces stress
  • 8. Deepens relaxation
  • 9. Raises our vibration/awareness
  • 10. Increases mental focus

The Best Chamomile Tea

To help that health nut rest and relax before bedtime.

Buy at Milan Milan.

An Italian friend of mine bought me this as a gift this summer and I’ve never had such incredible chamomile tea. A must-have.

The Best Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Because every health nut should have a great olive oil.

Buy at City Cafe from Vincenzo [across from the town bus terminal] or from Little Venice.

I stock up on this oil for all of my healthy salad dressings and to pour over pizza. The bottle is elegant as well. The brand is called Poderecogno. $20.

Bermuda Honey Bears

Because every health nut should have great raw Bermuda honey.

Buy at: Call Mr. Woolridge [beekeeper] to place your order and arrange pick up, 441-236-8687.

A really great stocking stuffer. Prices range.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Because it’s a classic and if they already have one, they probably dream of having another in a different colour.

Buy at International Imports [the Chef Shop].

These are just so beautiful and so useful. They last long too.

KitchenAid Blender

Another must-have.

Buy at Masters.

This is a powerful blender that is reasonably priced and every health nut needs to be blending things.

Weights or a Kettle Bell

Because they will want to have something to supplement their workouts when they’re at home.

Buy at Sports R Us.

Don’t go heavier than 30 lbs for most people. 20 lbs is ideal, up to 25, or lighter for arm workouts.

Organic Bubble Bath or Epsom Salts or Detox Bath

Because it’s so nice to soak those muscles after being strong all day.

Buy at bubbles and salts at People’s Pharmacy; Detox Bath at OM Juicery.

This doesn’t need any additional information!

Gift Certificate for OM Juicery

Because no one does raw, cold-pressed juices like these guys.

Buy at OM Juicery [off Court Street].

This is a great way to cleanse the body and pump up nutrient levels. I absolutely love this place and they have more than just juices. Their raw vegan strawberry cheesecake is one of my faves [Teresa has been known to pick up a piece for me when they have it in] and they have supplements, snacks and meals too. Your health nut with be glowing when they see this in their stocking.

Yoga Classes

Because they’ll be so into it.

Check out Spirit House for their offerings and contact the yoga provider you’d best like to work with.

I started my yoga practice at Spirit House with Shanell Vaughn and this community and location always have the ambiance, warmth, skills and spirit for a yoga experience you’ll never forget.

Clean Beauty and Skincare Products

Think makeup, perfume and cleansers/moisturizers.

Buy at Salt + Cedar [Front Street].

Beauty products are better when they’re clean and toxin free. Your health nut will appreciate your thoughtful gift.

My Sereni-Tea Holistic Healing Treatment or Massage Gift Certificate

Because we all need a chakra cleanse [or similar] after 2020!

Buy at My Sereni-Tea [in town].

From reiki, to cupping, to Thai hot oil massages, to chakra balancing, to workshops, and everything in between, this award winning holistic healing center in town is staffed by tremendously gifted people who know how to turn your day/week/life around. Because your health nut will be committed to powerfully dealing with the stress in their lives.


The subtitle says it all: Transform Your Body | Enhance Your Energy | Supercharge Your Life!

I’m sold out, so please pick up your copy at My Sereni-Tea, The Bermuda Bookstore or Bookmark at Brown & Co. Also on Amazon worldwide and on Audible and iTunes as an audiobook.

This is an inspiring and easy-to-read book about how powerful nutrition is and how to get started on your best health journey today.

Happy and healthy holiday wishes!

“Get FUELLED today for a healthier and happier tomorrow!”

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- Agathe Holowatinc is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach [services covered by most private health insurance companies], co-founder and director at FUELLED Bermuda Ltd., published author, health food private chef and health industry entrepreneur. She is a passionate advocate of real food, holistic approaches to health and communicating big ideas in a simple way. Visit or call or WhatsApp on 532-0426.


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