Consul Wants To ‘Constructively Review Stop List’

December 20, 2020 | 3 Comments

U.S. Consul General Lee Rizzuto said he hopes to work with American officials on “how to constructively review what is locally deemed as the ‘Stop List,” saying “the world has evolved and it’s our job to suggest revisiting the language and eligibility criteria.”

The ‘Stop List’, as we call it in Bermuda, refers to an American policy which applies to nations worldwide, in which nationals can, and sometimes are, prohibited from entry to the United States due to criminal convictions. Locally it is sometimes erroneously thought to only pertain to drug convictions, however the policy can be applied to all criminal matters.

While Bermudians generally have very good access to the United States — we don’t generally require visas for entry and are one of only six nations worldwide that have US Customs pre-clearance on our shores — the ‘Stop List’ issue can present problems for people in an island as small as ours where at times people do need to travel overseas for medical or educational reasons, which nationals in larger countries do not.

Map via the official U.S Customs & Border Patrol website showing the 6 nations with US Preclearance:

us preclearance map customs

In a recent statement noting his 5th month anniversary of being on the island, U.S. Consul General Rizzuto said, “There are many other projects that I hope to complete during my tenure, which includes working with Washington D.C. on how to constructively review what is locally deemed as the ‘Stop List.’

“The world has evolved and it’s our job to suggest revisiting the language and eligibility criteria of individuals seeking to travel to the United States. Many of our customers come in for visa waivers. Some are first-time applicants, while others continuously apply to renew their waiver for an extended period.

“As U.S. law allows citizens of Bermuda to travel to the United States without requiring a visa, it has been suggested that perhaps language should be amended to allow those who have been approved for a waiver over an extended period of time, be less restricted.

“The United States has embraced criminal reform by both the Democrats and Republicans, and timing is ideal to embrace potential changes to eligibility requirements for travel from Bermuda to the United States.“

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    A comment that will resonate with many from a man with only 1 month left in his post.

  2. Heard it before says:

    The last person in this position said and tried the same thing

  3. pizzaman says:

    Keep the stop list!!! maybe these guys will stop all their nonsense. Lets maintain the STAYCATION for your Bermudian crimnals

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