Household Waste Collection Service Advisory

December 24, 2020

The Department of Works and Engineering provided an update on trash collection.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Department of Works and Engineering’s Waste Management Section advises the public that due to ongoing delays in household waste collection, please note the following service updates.

“Yesterday’s collection of both Wednesday’s and Thursday’s waste will be completed today.

“Friday’s waste collection is scheduled for today, however, any bags that are not collected should be removed from the curb-side and placed in a lidded bin until Saturday, 26 December.

“Collection crews will be back out on Saturday to complete the waste collection zones missed today.

“As a reminder, please place your garbage and recyclables out for collection on your assigned day only.

“The Department apologises for any inconvenience and asks the public for their patience, and to secure all uncollected garbage in a lidded bin until their next scheduled collection day.

“For further information about waste and recycling in Bermuda visit here or join us on Facebook.”

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  1. Question says:

    Would just like to understand why : Broken down trucks again, staff shortage or broken down budget? OR, all of de Above?
    Meanwhile, De rats are having a heyday in our neighborhoods with trash sitting out on certain streets all week every week.
    Thanks for the glorious one day collection in a semi tropical environment. We could do a whole lot better. I won’t tell my momma. PS. Maybe this week I won’t lose my power and maybe we will have enough rain so I won’t have to order trucks of water!

  2. Honestly says:

    I agree! This is one Christmas I won’t forget! The government has messed up big time in my books! A neighborhood full of garbage. Yes mine included in which I usually take to the incinerator. It will stay right there bc firstly how will I know which is mine, or what is in the bag I didn’t take out! Really unfortunate! They won’t understand bc theirs has been collected.