BELCO Announces Opening of Cemetery Road

January 3, 2021

BELCO announced that “Cemetery Road re-opened to the public on Friday, 1 January, having been closed during the construction of the North Power Station.”

A spokesperson said, “The public is advised to use caution when using Cemetery Road as BELCO staff will be making regular crossings of the road to transport equipment and supplies. These crossings can take place at any time of day, 24 hours a day.

“BELCO is committed to the safety of the Company’s staff and the public and will be working with the Ministry of Works to ensure crossings can be made safely and with minimal disruption to the public.”

BELCO President Dennis Pimentel said: “I would like to sincerely thank the public for its patience while Cemetery Road has been closed for the last few years as we built the North Power Station.”

Mr. Pimentel added: “As we have said previously, the North Power Station is the last traditional power plant we anticipate building in Bermuda as we work towards increasing renewable energy generation to provide a clean, safe and cost-effective power source for the island. Let me also wish our valued customers a happy New Year and we look forward to serving you in 2021.”

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  1. Common Sense says:

    It’s one (if not the only) public road through a power station in the world. Yet another example of Bermuda’s substandard implementation of Occupational Health & Safety standards. With 2 MPs employed by Belco, this should be an easy fix after decades of trying to close the road down permanently.