SJB Reiterate Call To End Compulsory Worship

February 20, 2021 | 21 Comments

Social Justice Bermuda said they reiterate their call “for an end to compulsory collective worship” as the “collective worship found in Bermuda’s public school system is overtly Christian.”

A spokesperson said, “On February 1st, 2021 Social Justice Bermuda issued a press statement calling for an end to collective worship in schools, as it is a breach of students’ freedom of religion and beliefs. This is part of our broader call for Education Reform and for The Bermuda Government to secularise the Bermuda Public School System.

“On February 17th the Minister of Education, The Hon. Diallo Rabain, responded to our statement and expressed his support of the current legislation – The Education Act 1996 [PDF] – which mandates collective worship within public schools.

Screenshot of part of the relevant portion of the Education Act 1996

screenshot from bermuda The Education Act 1996

SJB added, “The collective worship found in Bermuda’s public school system is overtly Christian. Social Justice Bermuda reiterates our call for an end to compulsory collective worship. This video summarises our position and includes feedback from former and current teachers, students, and parents within the Bermuda public school system.

“This is just one of several initiatives that Social Justice Bermuda is working on. We remain committed to advocating and organising on a number of community issues, including criminal justice, economic equity, healthcare and food and education reform.”

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  1. STFU says:

    This group whoever they are need to give it a rest and go away like CURB does too! Real tired of all this stuff in the name of social equality

  2. What says:

    How about the social and financial impact of wildcat strikes. Many many people suffered , where are you when things directly impact people? Let me guess, you all drive cars to work.

  3. Unbelievable says:

    I watched the video. It’s good. I was raised as a Christian but I support SJB’s mission. Minister Rabain doesn’t like to answer questions. Not a fast thinker.

  4. Now Ya Nice says:

    This SJB Group of unknowns keeo trying to stay relevant.

  5. Jeaz says:

    Time to change legislation and stop the brainwashing. Teach all religions in Religious Education class. If you want to be religious then attend the church of your interest.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      I know that “SJB added, “The collective worship found in Bermuda’s public school system is overtly Christian” but if you read the relevant part of the Education Act I cannot see any reference to any particular religion.

      I also do not understand why, if SJB is so concerned, it does not apply to the Court for a declaration of incompatibility like Mr. Mr Ferguson did for his right to marry.

  6. Leave says:

    Ignore this group. They are grasping at straws. Small followership and will only last a year or two. This issue is totally unsatisfactory and they should be ashamed of themselves. Not one teacher or their union or a PTA or counsellor has said this is an issue. They have issues and should solve their own personal issues first.

  7. StanTheMaintenanceMan says:

    Is this really worth the effort. Does this collective worship negatively effect the children. I doubt it. How long has it been going on and nowwwww we want to change it like it’s broken. Not a big deal. I think you all are making a mountain out of…nothing. Social justice… I’m pretty sure there are things that are wayyyy more important in these times right now that would have a greater effect on Social justice that you could call for.
    I always laugh when people talk about religious justice but still allow the Rastafarian community to be prosecuted for using marijuana.
    The silence is deafening…

    • PBanks says:

      SJB has a public stance on cannabis, including reparational justice for those incarcerated. so they’ve put their money where their mouth is on the topic you brought up.

  8. Sandgrownan says:

    Why don’t religious people just shut the f*** up and keep it to themselves?

    Stop forcing your fairytale and your imaginary friend in the sky on others.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Why not have a quite pray time in the morning then. As a happy medium. Therefore each student can whisper to them selves the pray that is fitting for them. If they are not religious they could use that time for meditative reflection. It take what 10 to 15 minutes or less.

      LOL I like how people who don’t know about religion are so quick to insult people that do. I does nothing for their case and and shows who they really are. They have more faith in nothing than every religious person has in faith, It is always amazing to see. LOL the real fairytale is evolution by far. Again I point to the statistics that every cell in anything beats the odds at being what it is and not something else. Then when you combine all of the cells that make up a human body or any living thing then statistics that it is what it is and that it works together to make up something grater. Basic understanding of chemistry, physics and math scream of the existence of a creator but you keep diminishing your existence without apricating what you are. Its the same reason you don’t apricate yourself.

  9. Mishka says:

    SJB’s priorities are skewed. With all the injustices and inequities currently affecting Bermuda, they come up with this random issue? What’s this – lowest hanging fruit harvesting? They’ve lost all credibility with me.

  10. I could think of many issues that should be raised by S.J.B. if they were sincere about the issues facing Bermuda, if a Country that is predominantly Christian, have been in our schools and our prisons, our hospitals, and even in our Government for decades, why would you want to attack something that isn’t broken.

    We open our Parliamentary year with prayer, we open every session of the House of Assembly with prayer, The Lords Prayer at that, as taught to us from the Holy Scriptures, so what will S.J.B. want next, Prayers taken out of the House of Assembly, Prayers done away with at the Throne Speech every year, and let’s not forget our rights to pray in public, is that on the cards for their next attack.

    I think when we decide to disturb or dismantle something that has worked for decades, and it’s not something that is transitional, like times and seasons, You are talking to the Creator of Heaven and Earth, The one who inspired mankind to write the manual, in every known language there is to humanity.

    Christians have never said to take Muslims beliefs, or Hindu, or any other religious beliefs that doesn’t coincide with theirs, we have never challenged any form of authority in Bermuda to put a stop to those who doesn’t believe or think as we do.

    Yet let there be severe tragedies, or disasters to hit Bermuda, be it gun violence and murders, or Hurricane’s or other natural disasters, the first people we want to call on is the Church. I say if the majority in the public system doesn’t oppose Christian Prayers in the school, then let the few that oppose be given alternative options during the time of school prayers.

    So S.J.B. Let me be really dumb and ask a Brilliant question, What Rights would you suggest that we the Christian Church have in the Public Domain, because I am almost certain, that it’s o.k. with you to try and silence a majority on behalf of a selective few in our community and no matter how many supporters you think you have, you definitely have lost the interest and support of so many who supported you during “BLACK LIVES MATTER”

    In Closing many of your platforms seem to be centered around issues that you claim affects the Black Communities the most, So let me School You, “PRAYER IN OUR SCHOOLS” “PRAYER IN OUR COMMUNITIES” “PUBLIC PRAYERS PERIOD” Has always been promoted by the Christian Church in Bermuda and the Majority being Black.
    You Know the same Black Fore parents and Black Elders you have among you today.

    So I guess it’s a slap in the faces of those who have lead the way and those who have been left to carry on the legacy of your so called Black Community, Because one thing is for Certain about the Black community, we may not agree on many things, But we definitely know how to turn to Almighty God in our Times of Crisis, and it is these same types of Prayers that have kept Bermuda for Decades. Think of that the next time disaster strikes.

  11. Cleaver Riley says:

    I would like to know who these SJB really are. If you are so strong with your views let yourselves be known but apparently when the news media etc try to contact you for an interview etc. no one comes forth. Just saying….

  12. I agree says:

    That’s right Minister Rabain! Continue to support the current legislature concerning worship in the schools! Look at other jurisdictions… and see how their schools are demising because they took “ Prayer and God out! In this day and time …we need prayer and Hod conscientiousness to remain in schools!!!

  13. What Next says:

    We understand the devil’s advocates. Always trying to stop The Lord’s work.

  14. Acegurl says:

    Why doesn’t this unknown group focus on issues of greater community concern. If we were living in a Muslim country we would be praying in the mosque and at prayer times. If we were in Israel we would be praying in Synagogues as well as in our relevant schools. With all that is going on in this upside down Covid ridden world, you choose to focus on prayer in schools. This is a Christian country so we pray Christian prayers. Go find a real cause and focus your energies on it. You are rebels without a real cause.

  15. LOL (original) says:

    Be better to advocate for financial life planning such as how the market works, stocks bonds how to trade. What the SMP is. How GDP is calculated and what it is used for. Once people can are more independent financially issues real world issue can be tackled.

    LOL to quote a famous professor “Clean up your room first”….

  16. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    The Education Act 1996, COLEECTIVE WORSHIP part (28 1 – 5), shown here seems fair & should continue to me.

  17. Hello says:

    To the SJB Group. Try some Corporate Prayer. You may like it.

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