‘Wheelies While Riding Against Flow Of Traffic’

March 9, 2021

The Bermuda Police Service said they have “been made aware of a dangerous practise in which groups of individuals, mainly young males, perform wheelies on pedal cycles as well as motorcycles, while riding against the flow of traffic, particularly on main roads.”

A police spokesperson said, “Such behaviour could result in serious injury, or worse. Not to mention property damage. The Bermuda Police encourages parents and guardians to speak with their children about the dangers of this activity and advise them against participating in it.

“Motorists and other road users are advised to be on the lookout for individuals engaging in this activity and assist the BPS in dealing with it, by making a report via the 211 number, or calling the main police line, 295-0011.

“If you are operating a vehicle and find yourself faced with an individual or group of individuals doing wheelies approaching you on your side of the road, please come to a safe and complete stop and allow them to go by, before reporting the incident to police.”

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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    And again. Two Bermudas.
    But don’t dare say anything to them . It’s an attack on their skills and creativity .. lol

  2. Robert says:

    I am surprised it has taken so long for BPS to notice this issue . The young man next door to me enjoys riding on one wheel and i can’t wait for him to get some road rash on his backside and hope i am there to see it and laugh at him . Why the attitude ? this is the same young man who has been recovering from an accident some 7 maybe 8 month’s ago and he could have died instead he was badly damaged and was fitted with crutches . to cut it short it is not only youngsters but full grown young men doing this act . it is time for punitive measures !! There he goes again even as i write this Email.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      The full grown men doing this now on motorbikes endangering other people were not so long ago ‘youngsters’ doing it on pedal bikes on the main roads who weren’t straightened out. Now look where we are.
      Cant say anything to them though unless you like getting the trigger finger.
      Two Bermudas .

    • anonomyous says:


  3. hmm says:

    This has been going on for decades. A little virtual finger wagging isn’t going to stop it.

  4. Cassandra says:

    @Robert real sad your really sad and slick thats wishing harm on someone but expected by you.

  5. Syrica says:

    I don’t wish them harm, just wish they wouldn’t do it near corners. I’ve had too many close calls recently.

  6. Bermudian says:

    Poppin has been happening for generations. Maybe government should designate an area for these youths to have fun and enjoy safely.

    • Fisherman says:

      Designate areas….loads of open spaces in communities.
      But they are determined to ride in the streets.

  7. anonomyous says:

    lol u cant stop us from poppin no matta what u guys do we gon pop all day on any street. Feds are bored they just want sum to say, we guys r goin ride any where we want.

    • Question says:

      Well don’t expect to slow down for you. If you ride like i d iot you get what you get.
      It might be an idea to grow up. Just a thought.