Live Video Replay Of The Cabinet Grounds

March 24, 2021

[Updated] A purported ‘protest’ was called for tonight [March 24] on the Cabinet grounds, and as of 10.30pm it appears that nothing is happening — past the police being present along with the media — however you can tune in and watch the stream below, and to warn, the stream is basically just showing the grounds.

A message circulating on social media states this apparent planned protest is about the “restrictions put in place over the past weekend” saying “it’s time to stand up for ourselves and our own people.”

Update 11.26pm: The protest never really got underway, with a handful of people seen across the street and what appeared to be one person [excluding the media and police] walking onto the Cabinet grounds. It was of high interest, with Bernews live stream on Facebook [you can watch the replay below] attaining over 10,000 views and 950+ comments within 90 minutes, as locals looked to see whether a protest would in fact take place. The police were present throughout and there was one person standing on Front Street shouting about their constitutional rights.

Update: Bernews spoke with the person who did attend. Dr David Chapman told Bernews, “I attended as a support and an example for the young people of Bermuda. They need to know that they have the right to freedom of movement and choice, even in trying times like these.

“My presence there was a representative of C.R.I.S.M. – the Cedar Rock Independence and Sovereign Movement. This movement has been conceived to promote the further progress of Bermudian people who have an ancestry arising out of enslaved African peoples and thus have lost their true national identity, while in the process having to assumed the identity of their colonial oppressors. Oppression of people’s movement has always been the modus operandi of colonial oppression and this is clearly continuing into the 21st century.

“Governments around the world are using the Covid-19 pandemic to impose many restrictions on the free movement and rights of its citizens, some of which have no basis in scientific validity and also stand to criminalise the innocent on behalf of the guilty.

“I think the imposition of these types of curfews are examples of restrictive guidelines that punish the innocent more so than targeting the guilty. They are too broad and indeterminate. Why should a person who may be out for a solitary exercise walk be punished the same as a partygoer who is attending a party of dozens of people? What danger in regards to Covid-19 is a boater on the water to others after 6 pm?

“This is a message to the Bermuda Government that there are some of us who are willing to speak up as a message of dissent and conscientious objection against guidelines that are oppressive, especially those that have not been vetted by the sitting members of our duly elected parliamentary bodies.

“I also want to send a message out to any of the organisers of the protest, and to be clear I was not one of them, that it is cowardly to ask people to come out for such an occasion but yet fail to come out yourself and declare who you are. Be strong, clear and stand up for your convictions, just as Sally Bassett was willing to do against those that oppressed her.”

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. You never get anywhere with the law by breaking the law, we must abide by the law and within the law, we can still let our voices be heard.

    So to the organizers, make sure you understand that the majority of right thinking Bermudians that believe that something needs to be done, and that we do need a form of a protest, we can not support you willing and blatantly wanting to break the law.

    You doing this only strengthens the governments position to feel as if they are not answerable to the public, so let the next gathering be lawful and peaceful and you will get the full support of those who want something done, to support changes that are needed.

    • It's too late says:

      Have you ever heard of civil disobedience? If the protest remains peacefull and according to laws in place then nothing will ever change and the people will never be heard. Just because it’s the law doesn’t make it right does it? Laws can give any government he right to legally prosecute but it doesn’t mean that the laws are correctly applied. And a majority means nothing. Just means that your all brainwashed and because you agree you think now that it’s right. Be careful when you agree with the masses because sometimes the M is silent! Remember there were laws once upon a time when it was illegal for black people to have equal rights in this world. Were those laws justified?? Did the people just sit back and obey the law to advocate for change?? NO! This passive approach is exactly why nothing has any power. This is exactly how your tyranny goverment wants you to behave ,just line up and do what we say. Bermudian people’s souls have long been bought and paid for! Now we just kiss ass and protect our own backyards. We are a spoiled country and have lost the zeal to standup for anything anymore. Only concerned about what you will loose .we have no sense of sacrifice anymore! This government will just ignore you when you play by their rules. They already have control of the people and to keep it that way they will use laws to do so . They will continue to move the target to keep you from mobilizing. So if your to scared to stand up for yourself then be satisfied with the tyranny and human rights infractions that are coming to this island and the world for that matter. And don’t forget that somebody told you so!

      • trufth says:

        Help me understand what part of civil disobedience includes looting 70″ flat screen TVs and setting buildings on fire.

    • Dejavu says:

      Lol,you have lost all credibility….how are you going to put out a 12min rant about how we need to stand up and protest what this government is doing, but then don’t even show up. Let this be a lesson to everyone, politicians just talk for clout not because they care about us. The only way to really protest is to just leave the island, like many many families have done. As you see in other news stories they are begging for those families to come back lol. We don’t need them they need us, they can’t govern a empty country

    • Rasta says:

      Trillion percent correct!!!!!!! Tons and tons and tons of people want to support this and STAND UP!!!!!!!!

    • Unbelievable says:

      Your request won’t ever happen because you lot choose to believe a crazy “plandemic” lie that is not based on science much less reality. You never have any proof of your claims any way so why bother?

  2. In Mark's Opinion says:

    They fighting for the truth, yet they still get defeat.

  3. LadyReef says:

    So you mean when people aren’t paid to show up to protests they don’t go?

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    Clearly that was not organised by “The People’s Campaign”. If it were there would be hundreds of people there, with the elderly and infirm out front.

  5. wing nut says:

    I dont see any popcorn!!