91 New, 904 Active, 40 In Hospital, 6 In ICU

April 19, 2021 | 31 Comments

The Ministry received 2100 test results and 91 were positive – 4 classified as imported, 41 as local transmission with known contact and 46 as under investigation  — so there are now 904 active cases, of which 40 people are in hospital with 6 in ICU.

In addition, the Government confirmed the sad news that Bermuda experienced another Covid-19 death today [April 19] which brings the total number of Covid-19 deaths in Bermuda to 20.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Health received 2100 test results since the last update, and 91 were positive for coronavirus, yielding a test positivity rate of 4.6%.

“Four of the new cases are classified as imported by non-residents. One arrived on Jet Blue B62231 from New York on 30 March 2021 and tested positive on their Day 14 test. One arrived on American Airlines AA 2044 from Charlotte on 2 April 2021 and tested positive on their Day 14 test. One arrived on American Airlines AA 2044 from Charlotte on 3 April 2021 and tested positive on their Day 14 test. One arrived on American Airlines AA 2044 from Charlotte on 9 April 2021 and tested positive on their Day 8 test.

“Forty-one [41] of the new cases are classified as local transmission with known contact as associated with known cases. The additional 46 new cases are classified as under investigation. These cases are among residents with no currently identified link to other known cases or history of travel in the past 14 days.

“Additionally, since the last update, there were 53 recoveries and two deaths, one previously reported [18 April 2021].

“There are 904 active cases, of which:

  • 864 are under public health monitoring and
  • 40 are in hospital with 6 in intensive care;

“Since March 2020, Bermuda has recorded 2214 confirmed cases of coronavirus, out of which a total of 1290 have recovered, and 20 persons have sadly succumbed to COVID-19. Go to https://www.gov.bm/coronavirus-covid19-update for more details.

“The seven-day average of our real-time reproduction number is 0.8.

“Bermuda’s current WHO country status remains “Community Transmission”.

“The Minister of Health, the Hon. Kim Wilson, JP, MP stated, “Sadly, Bermuda has experienced another COVID-19 death today. This brings the total number of COVID-19 deaths in Bermuda to 20.

“I extend my sincere condolences and prayers of support to the family and friends of those who recently died, on behalf of the Government and people of Bermuda. The Ministry will not release personal details about the individual, and I ask the public to respect the privacy of the family as they mourn their loved one.”

“While our number of positive cases is slowly reducing, which is encouraging, this is not an opportunity for us to stop cooperating with the guidelines and safety measures. We much continue to be extremely careful, and remain vigilant and do not mix households.

“The changes to the restrictions go into effect tomorrow, and if you must return to work or leave your home, please remember to avoid closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowded places with many people nearby, and close-contact settings such as close-range conversations. Six feet must be maintained at all times including during greetings. Avoid shared lunch rooms and gathering, unmasked, outside for your smoke breaks etc. Your work environment and colleagues are not your bubbles.”

“Regarding those businesses that will open tomorrow, the Minister of Health advised: “Please adhere to the regulations and don’t push the boundaries. We must all work together to stop the spread of this virus so that we can further roll back the restrictions sooner rather than later.”

Update 9.37pm: The Premier tweeted, “The 91 new cases reported today are a combination of 2 days of reporting – Friday’s tests: 55/1074 (5.1% pos rate) Saturday’s tests: 36/1026 (3.5% pos rate); Sunday’s tests will be reported at tomorrow’s press conference.”

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    So Day 14 is the key date, yet residents are to “quarantine” for 4. No wonder the outbreak is out of control. Where are the vaccination numbers? Too bad to show? Government gets away with treating the population with disdain and gets away with it.

  2. Wow says:

    “The seven-day average of our real-time reproduction number is 0.8″

    Please show me how this is calculated. This doesn’t make sense. Last year we were told being under 1.0 was what we were striving for, that it was good.

    So does this mean all is good now???
    From where I sit, nothing looks good at all.

    • Scientist says:

      The ‘r’ number is a measure of how may people are infecting other people. There’s a formula for it but it looks like they’re using the reported active cases and new cases (which won’t be everyone but will give a good indication)

      So if we have 2 active cases and have 2 new reported cases there is a high r number.

      If we have 100 active cases and we have 2 new reported cases there is a low r number.

      The reason the r number has decreased is because we have so many active cases now, but they aren’t all passing it on. It also depends on how many people recover each day. If you look at the active line on the graph (in yellow) it has gone flat, which means the r number is around 1, if its above 1 the yellow line will go up, if it’s below 1 it will go down.

      Hope that helps.

      • Lauren says:

        I would like to know how much these increases correlate with imported cases. Is there a measure of this?

  3. Chris Warwick says:

    Total shut down for 3 weeks will help . Most people have no idea what essential needs are . Grocery stores still busy, crisps , booze snacks and cigarettes flying of the shelves. Most pharmacies full of people buying everything but medication .
    Looks like some % of population thinks it’s a holiday break . It is very serious matter .

    • Lone_Wolf says:

      “Booze” and cigarettes ARE essential you moron! You ever heard about ADDICTION??? You don’t just yank someone off of cigarettes or booze and expect them to be okay. Get off your high horse

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      No it won’t. People are ignoring the Stay at Home Regulations. Go for a walk and see how many houses have people congregating. As long as people continue to ignore the regulations we will continue to suffer as a community.

  4. Question says:

    Oh yeah. Burt has this totally under control.

  5. Myrtle says:

    Oh know,Numbers going up and up.

    • Wow says:

      “While our number of positive cases is slowly reducing, which is encouraging…” says Minister Wilson.

      What?? What numbers is she looking at? Is she ok?

  6. Bobby Jones says:

    Ministry of Health is saying that 4 have tested positive on day 14. This is actually not correct as these people had to have a negative test within 3 days of arrival.

    Question that must be asked. Is the positive test a False Positive or have these residents caught Covid since they arrived back on the island.

    This needs to be addressed, we need to know the truth.

    • Micro says:

      A negative test unfortunately doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. It just means the virus wasn’t detected. So you can be viral or become viral with a negative test result. This is why many are pushing for a mandatory 14 day quarantine for all arrivals.

      • Kathy says:

        Right now the airports should be shut down. People should not be travelling. We are in a pandemic and our numbers warrant closure.

    • apoliticalmoron says:

      Correct, with an incubation period of 5-12 days a 14 day test is likely an indicator they were infected locally, after arrival.

  7. sandgrownan says:

    Why haven’t the vaccination numbers been updated since the 10th?

    • Question says:

      Because they’re all part-timers. They delegate everything to unelected lackeys, including drafting the rules designed to imprison us in our homes. Even when they have press conferences to explain the rules, it’s apparent they have no idea what the rules are.

    • wowza says:

      ^^can a reporter push this in the next press conference? The UK counts their vaccinations every day and presents them to the public, why can’t our small island do the same?

      • trufth says:

        Because less and less people are getting vaccinated now and they don’t want to admit that to the public. We will have a surplus of vax left over going to waste.

        Set a date to get vaxxed – after that date, open up and deal with it. Hospital has done a good job pivoting to deal with our RIDICULOUS number of diabetic patients, now it is time to pivot to dealing with lots of COVID patients until a time when it seems to die down. We will have cases. We will have deaths. It is what it is. Get on with it. Not everyone will get the vax, their choice. Period.

  8. Curious says:

    I wonder why they have yet to differentiate those who died with covid and those who died from covid. I’m certain it’ll reduce our numbers and paint a more accurate picture.

    • Warrior says:

      I am wondering same th8nk. Possible answer they have no idea.
      Deaths from existing health issue stroke, heart attack, lung condition, blood clots, aneurysms and other
      Number of deceased who were vaccinated
      Number of deceased who were not vaccinated
      Answers please

  9. Joe Bloggs says:

    91 new cases, over 900 active cases, another death and the Minister is easing the lockdown? How does that make sense?

  10. Lone_Wolf says:

    Instead of fighting over is it 14 days? 8 days? 4 days? Why not just make it mandatory 16 days a leave it at that? I’m hearing too much about no matter what the hell we do we can still be positive for Covid. False positives! False negatives! Asymptomatics! Can be caught after any number of days, with or without the vaccine! Don’t you all see that no matter WHAT WE DO ……….. we can STILL catch Covid!

  11. Good thing the election was called when it was says:

    Not sure the polls would have yield the same result today given the dire situation we find ourselves in.

    For some reason I can’t help but feeling a bit hoodwinked by the chest pounding the Gvt displayed during the first wave.

    Last night was some of the most somber news–where was our leader–I watched a complete embarrassment of a Facebook update.

    I would laugh if this situation wasn’t physically, emotionally and economically disastrous.

    • Unbelievable says:

      I’ve said it before but that 2020 election was a simple power grab meant to give the PLP three more years in power because they knew that early 2021 was going to be particularly difficult. The next election was meant to be in 2022 (next year) but now it’s in 2025.

      They knew that voter turnout was going to be low and now we have an incredible imbalance of power in this country. It’s a new oligarchy. I mean, why would ANYONE schedule a snap election in the middle of a PANDEMIC??? It can only be one thing. The anger that the PLP is facing right now would have carried over to 2022 and into the polls but now they have time in the hopes that things get better. It’s a very crafty ploy and the voters fell for it.

    • trufth says:

      It was truly painful. I had to turn it off.

  12. Fisherman says:

    I am wondering same th8nk. Possible answer they have no idea.
    Deaths from existing health issue stroke, heart attack, lung condition, blood clots, aneurysms and other
    Number of deceased who were vaccinated
    Number of deceased who were not vaccinated
    Answers please

  13. Mind boggling says:

    People fly in, pre test negative, arrive negative, day 4 negative and now allowed to roam about, test negative on day 8 then lo and behold, POSITIVE ON DAY 14. So, how many people do these individuals come in contact with? Mask or not, this was an idiotic move by BURT. Sadly, this is still going on but they cant see it. After a week of LOCKDOWN and our numbers, deaths and hospitalizations climbing.
    What you going to do now MR. Burt and Senator Wilson?

  14. Captain Coke says:

    I just arrived back in the UK from Europe and had to quarantine for 14 days. That include needing a pre-flight negative test, a test on day 2 and day 8 which also had to be negative, and a phone call from Government checking that I was where I said I would be (not sure how that could be tracked, but they definitely called every day).

    The UK yesterday had 4 deaths, Bermuda had 3 in 3 days.

    Baffling why the PLP is treating this so lightly. It can only be political, which equates to swapping votes for deaths.

  15. Fisherman says:

    What is this? Guy riding around all but bragging about being tested and found negative when they live very near people who are positive. Apparrently, some people continue to feel a negative result means you do not have anything to worry about. Please stay negative in your home.

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