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With the Bluebird nesting season in full flight, The Happy Bird Company owner Christian Chin-Gurret has provided tips for people who want to attract Bluebirds in their vicinity.

A spokesperson said, “Beautiful blue birds love to fly and perch in open spaces, especially around perches. Bluebirds scan the yard and look for insects from high vantage points. As they spot something tempting, they flutter down and grab the meal.

“They use smaller trees, shrubs, lower branches of trees, and fences to find their meal on the ground. If you don’t have trees,install your own perches using poles four feet off the ground to let bluebirds perch on them.”

Happy Bird Company Bermuda April 2021

Christian Chin Gurret, who sells bluebird boxes, said, “Bluebirds love to eat insects and berries; for example they can eat small cockroaches and cedar berries.”

The spokesperson said, “Birdbaths can be an excellent attraction for bluebirds since they need to bathe to maintain their features and will drink water from birdbaths. They are also attracted to moving waters in fountains.

“Bluebirds like a nest in natural cavities such as dead cedar trees, however since there are so few in Bermuda, a wooden bird box is good.

“A box specifically designed for bluebirds is good. One can make one or buy one from such places as The Happy Bird Company, created by entrepreneur Christian Chin-Gurret.

“Install the box 4 to 7 feet high on a pole at least 15 feet from your house and in a quiet area with a grass patch below the bird box.

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“Another good tip is provide nesting material. Adding nesting material in the yard will certainly attract bluebirds since they love collecting them.

“It is good to spread dried casuarina needles around the bottom of the box, which should be located where there is a grass patch.

“These beautiful birds usually prefer to live around mature and widely spaced trees with open grass areas, so if you want to attract bluebirds to your yard or garden, make sure to trim your lawn grass. This will allow bluebirds to perch on branches or poles or your bluebird box and hunt insects easily.

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“Bluebirds are always a delight to see in the garden with their harmonious chirping. If you want bluebirds in your vicinity, make sure to follow these tips. For further information and to buy a Bermuda made bluebird box, private message The Happy Bird Company on Facebook.

“Contact Christian Chin-Gurret via or visit his company on Facebook [The Happy Bird Co] and Instagram [@TheHappyBirdCo].”

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