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April 16, 2021 | 1 Comment

The BTA, SailGP Community Steering Committee and ad agency AAC-PTIX have created “Cedar + Sail,” which is described as a “unique interactive campaign that drives awareness surrounding Bermuda’s maritime history using a modern day approach.”

A SailGP spokesperson said, “The arrival of SailGP’s Season 2 opener in Bermuda is a fitting global platform to bring timeless stories of Bermuda’s maritime history into the spotlight.

“Together, the Bermuda Tourism Authority, along with the SailGP Community Steering Committee, and local ad agency, AAC-PTIX, combined their expertise to create Cedar + Sail – a unique interactive campaign that drives awareness surrounding Bermuda’s maritime history using a modern day approach to the timeless art of storytelling.

“With so many tales of yesteryear to be shared, too numerous to count, the Cedar + Sail campaign is set to feature five stories told by living relatives and local historians, recanting the lives and valuable contributions of key historical Black Bermudians who helped shape the Island’s maritime culture, ultimately influencing sailing, and the shipbuilding industry worldwide.

“Locals will be intrigued by the fascinating lives of James ‘Jemmy’ Darrell, Stephen Benjamin Richardson, Walter Ingham, Charles ‘Roach’ Ratteray, Raymond Deshields, Rudy Bailey and Stevie Dickinson, to name a few.

Cedar Sail Bermuda April 15 2021

“Beginning mid-April, learning and interacting with each of the stories will begin through engaging social media posts asking “Did You Know?” questions, playfully testing the public’s knowledge base. Captivating interviews will be shared to intrigue the curious, the history-buffs, the young minds at home from school, and those making a connection between the stories and their family tree.

“Local lore will come to life in May with the launch of the digitally-interactive Seafarers Tour, safely taking adventure-seekers across the Island using an app to discover historical sites and earn points along the way. During this time, the installation of two interactive 3D art pieces, created by local Bermudian artists Milton Hill and April Branco, will help convey the Cedar + Sail: Reliving a Story of Resilience like never before.”

“We know the adrenaline-pumping, highly entertaining Bermuda Sail Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess will grab the attention of many. So it’s the perfect time to engage our community in Bermuda’s rich and diverse sailing heritage,” said Glenn Jones former Interim CEO of Bermuda Tourism Authority who founded the SailGP Community Steering Committee. “We’re proud of the way the Cedar + Sail campaign elevates Bermuda’s maritime culture, authentically and multi-ethnically.”

The SailGP organisation said, “Starting April 16, Bermuda residents can expect their Facebook and Instagram timelines and stories to be filled with an array of pioneers who were instrumental in building local maritime culture.

“To learn more about these fascinating figures, locals will be able to participate, once it is safe to do so, in the Seafarers Tour – a digitally curated scavenger hunt taking place across the Island, with the Hamilton Visitor’s Service Centre as its starting point.

“Participants will download the Actionbound app to their smartphones from the Google Play Store, or Apple App Store, to be able to scan QR tags with the Cedar + Sail mark prominently displayed at various locations as they go on a journey, taking them back in time.”

“The main objective for the campaign is to build awareness across our community of Bermuda’s sailing heritage, including the extraordinary contributions of Black sailors”, states Mark Clarke, deputy chair of the SailGP Community Steering Committee.

“At the same time, we are pursuing a bridge-building approach between SailGP’s Bermuda event and local stakeholder groups, including non-profits, community boating, social clubs, and entrepreneurs.”

A spokesperson added, “While the initial campaign is slated to run in the lead up to and during the SailGP event weekend from April 24 – 25, the intent is to continue the dialogue with the introduction of a legacy component after the season’s opening event is complete.

The Evolution of Cedar and Sail

“The first instalment of the legacy component is named “The Evolution of Cedar and Sail” – telling the story of the evolution of shipbuilding in Bermuda from the first Bermuda Sloop in 1670 through to today’s racing hydrofoils, such as SailGP’s F50 foiling catamarans. The glass-enclosed display will be placed inside the Visitor’s Service Centre in Hamilton, containing boat replicas made from cedar and canvas that have been built and featured prominently in Bermuda for centuries.

“Each replica has been hand crafted with incredible detail by Milton Hill. The display will also act as the starting point for the Seafarers Tour. Using the Actionbound app, the public will be able to scan the QR code on either the Bermuda Sloop to begin with the West End route of the tour, or scan the QR code on the Bermuda Gig to embark on the East End route of the adventure.

Master of the Sea

“The second of the two instalments is the “Master of the Sea” – a commissioned painting by talented local artist April Branco. This art piece features a pivotal historical figure in our maritime history, James “Jemmy” Darrell, the first enslaved Bermudian to earn his freedom and become a King’s Pilot. This art piece will be proudly displayed in St. George’s and will also play a role in the Seafarers Tour.

“As far as we can go back, sailors have been highly creative, and this is particularly true for Bermudians. When we look back to innovations such as the Bermuda rig, we see the direct impact the triangular sail design has had on our very own F50 foiling catamarans”, said Julien di Biase, Chief Operating Officer, SailGP.

“SailGP is proud to be part of the Cedar + Sail campaign, as it showcases the talents of all of those who came before us to pave the way. As a purpose-led organization, our goal is to continue building on these foundations by diversifying the sport, and creating a more inclusive culture for future generations.”

Polina Branco, CEO of AAC-PTIX said: “It has been an honour to work on this campaign, especially as it has a legacy component attached that we can bring to life for many years ahead. We made sure that there was a lot of local input on this project by collaborating with local individuals, artists and businesses to bring the entire project to fruition. Locked on the Rock Escape Rooms has helped us to build the Seafarers Tour, while Qian Dickinson of Bermemes has interviewed local sailing enthusiasts and descendants of well-known historical sailors to help us build a better picture of our history, all to be hosted by our friends on the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs website.”

A spokesperson added, “While the public is encouraged to immerse their families and friends in these fun-filled activities, it is highly recommended that when allowed, participation is done safely with COVID- protocols in mind. Traveling across the island in your immediate bubbles, mask-wearing, hand-sanitizing, and social distancing practices are key to keeping everyone safe. The committee wishes for the public to enjoy the campaign throughout the coming weeks, and to keep an eye on future updates as the storytelling continues.”

For more information about the Cedar + Sailing campaign, visit communityandculture.bm.

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