Arrest Made In Connection With Playground Fire

April 16, 2021

One person has been arrested in connection with the fire at Pigs Field playground, the police have confirmed.

A police spokesperson said, “Investigations into the recent spate of fires in Pembroke Parish are still ongoing.”

Fire Bermuda Playground April 10 2021  (1)

Detective Inspector Derricka Burns stated: “Officers from the Criminal Investigations Department, have conducted a number of enquiries into these incidents.

“It has been confirmed that the fires were deliberately set, including the recent fire at Pigs Field playground which had damages estimated at approximately $60,000.

“Officers have arrested one person in connection with the playground incident. More arrests are anticipated.”

Detective Inspector Burns added, “It is unknown at this time if the fires are connected or if the same person[s] are responsible. A team of investigators is working on the case and is pursuing all possible options.

“Patrol officers will continue to conduct proactive monitoring of the areas affected by the fires. The BPS urges anyone with any information on these incidents to contact the Criminal Investigations Unit at 295-0011 or 247-1744.”

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  1. hair says:

    Make the culprits pay and rebuilt it!!!

    • MoFo says:

      Make them pay for it AND make the rebuild it themselves AND then lock them the F up

  2. enough says:

    Fire bugs, need to stop them before they actually hurt or kill someone.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if this is the same arsonist responsible for the seemingly random fires throughout the past few years.

  4. Cedar Stump says:

    Detective Inspector BURNS… investigating an arson ?? That is funny with the name association.

  5. Go Fund me Page says:

    Why doesn’t the Minister representing this constituency set up a go fund me page for rebuilding so all in the community have a way to contribute to righting this evil deed.

    • Tom says:

      That 50k that went to saint Vincent could have helped!

  6. MADDOG says:

    Why a go fund me page? – how about the IDIOT who set the fire gets to pay for it and has to help rebuild it so everyone in the community can come by and watch him as he does it – public humiliation and everyone including the children knows it was YOU….that’s his punishment

  7. Star says:


  8. Womble says:

    The playground was in a disgusting state before it burnt. The slides had holes in the plastic with sharp edges, the brackets were seriously rusted, there were previous burn holes, there were broken bottles and trash everywhere. It was taped off a few months before the fire by Parks as it was unsafe, and then just left. Don’t be thinking this was a glistening facility, it had been left to rot for years.

    Government has a good insurance policy, so there is no reason why this facility should not be replaced quickly.