St Regis Exemption Approval Now Rescinded

April 14, 2021

An “exemption approval issued to the St. Regis developers to conduct construction at the site during the Stay-at-Home period has been rescinded,” the Government confirmed this evening.

This follows after footage of what appeared to be work ongoing at the site circulated today via messaging apps and social media, and what appeared to be an approval letter for the workers also circulated.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Minister of National Security, Renee Ming advised this evening that an exemption approval issued to the St. Regis developers to conduct construction at the site during the Stay-at-Home period has been rescinded – effective immediately.

Minister Ming added that the approval was “made in error,” saying, “In the haste to respond to more than 1,500 exemption requests received, an exemption was issued to St. Regis without my authority and without me having the opportunity to fully consider the application.

”Like most of Bermuda, I became aware of the work going on at the site today. And after further discussion with the developers I have advised them of this position. The approval has since been rescinded.

“The Ministry extends its apologies for any angst and frustration this matter has caused the public during these very sensitive times for our Country.”

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  1. puzzled says:

    Yeah right.

  2. Vaccinated says:

    The back pedallers are back..

  3. Question says:

    “Minister Ming added that the approval was “made in error,” “

    Yeah, like we believe that.

    • Hmm says:

      You also believe that the oba will be government again lololol LMAO!

      • Micro says:

        Soon there will be nothing to govern over

      • sandgrownan says:

        That is relevant how?

        20 years of PLP failure and incompetence.

      • Question says:

        What are you, six years old?

  4. Development says:

    So the fact that the hotel will bring a lot of jobs and money to St George and is under time restraints to get finished doesn’t mean anything to anyone?? Plus the guy in the video was using bad language in front of an infant whilst berating the workers that were actually there to get COVID tests causes this important job to get closed down….how selfish….

    • Smh says:

      This is the dumbest most insensitive comment. It’s a double standard you clown!!

      • Dirt says:

        How can someone pointing out the fact that this is a time sensitive project that will bring jobs and opportunity to not just St. George’s the entire island be insensitive? And how can it be insensitive when children are being shown that swearing and inappropriate behavior is acceptable SMH at you.

    • Correct says:

      That’s the way they do it here. Wanna improve the situation overnight just say if we don’t tighten up during this period all financial assistance will disappear to all but seniors and persons with disabilities they will get the message. Does the guy with the camera live 1km close to the hotel? If he does not and he wants things done right then the police have to act.

      • Smh says:

        Yup (@correct) just keep promoting tyranny because that’s exactly where we are headed with comments like that. taking away peoples ability to support themselves while others have the luxury to support themselves.
        All over a weak virus that has a 0.0026 mortality rate worldwide. You can be fooled and stupid all by yourself with your fear mongering tactics. I really don’t care. Just leave the rest of us common sense folk alone. But we understand already that it’s about weeding out the silent majority. No surprises here. Just keep doing the devil’s work even if your not aware of it.

    • Kathy says:

      And we had another Covid death yesterday. Big corps have to wait understand that they don’t get priority in this most serious of situations. Would it have bled them to have downed their tools like all other construction companies had to in the national effort to reduce our covid cases? Selfish money hungry corps that are walking all over our desperate government. Sick to death ove this property. Owners don’t give a crap about Bermuda. It is about their bottom line. Full stop!

    • Red Pill says:

      So nobody elses job is important?

  5. Wow! says:

    The exemption process is a joke!
    Guess that is why Island Construction had enough bikes and cars that it looked like any other work day!

  6. Bs says:

    The era was thinking that because it was out of the way nobody would notice . Thanks to the guy who made the video .

  7. Tt says:

    Omg is this how the world works now? We just do a video complaining about something and voila it’s handled? Must we complain about every single thing? Wow soon you won’t be able to leave cook your dinner without someone’s permission

  8. rotten onion says:

    Imagine if the PLP called an election now. This 2nd lock down not going down well with the electorate.

    • No Bie says:

      They would still win. The sheeple can be slaughtered by this party and they will still vote them in.

    • Unbelievable says:

      I don’t want to be negative Nancy (those are plentiful on here) but the 2020 election was a power grab because the PLP knew that the you-know-what was going to hit the fan in early 2021. Burt even said as much on the radio last year. They went ahead and called an election and gave themselves another 2 years of power instead of doing it in 2022 which would have been the next election – not that far away.
      The voter turnout was very low in 2020 and that worked to the PLP’s advantage. They won in 2017 and hadn’t fulfilled ANY of their election pledges that would have boosted Bermuda’s fortunes. Now they are scrambling to get marijuana and casinos done. Oh and now they are taking an OBA initiative (residential certificates). Remember that big old protest that lasted for however long on the House of Assembly grounds? Where are the protesters now? What protest? Can’t see it from my house. Typical head in the sand mentality.

      • Facts says:

        You sound like a fool and need to wake up. The people either vote plp or don’t vote at all. The people are not voting in the OBA again only the surrogates do that. Now go milk your cows.

  9. Stop it says:

    Lol is not funny how all you OBA supporters try to run the dirt!

    • Truthhertz says:

      Oh shut up. Your Party rightfully got called out for their double standards towards local businesses. Nothing to do with the OBA who apparently lives in your head rent free. Pathetic zealot.

      • Lol says:

        No you shut up your 6 seats don’t beat 30. Please sit in the corner with face toward the wall clown.

        • truthertz says:

          Such an intelligent response which deals with the facts at hand. 6 don’t beat, but 30 is definitely beating down 60k people.

          And you’re still a pathetic zealot.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Living rent free in his head! Lol

  10. The Truth says:

    Minister Ming said it wasn’t her, a civil servant gave permission.

    • Question says:

      After all, why would she do any actual work?

    • Double S says:

      “A spokeswoman said: “We received an exemption from the Government of Bermuda after long conversations with the Premier and his team.”

      Either the Minister or the developers are lying. My bet is on the former. But hey let’s blame a nameless civil servant instead.

    • Kathy says:

      You are delusional. This is about a National lockdown. Period!

    • Kathy Cervino says:

      Haha! OK from now on all Ministerial permissions granted not only should have her name on it but also her SIGNATURE! Easy fix to avoid these “INNOCENT” errors in the future. I want to know how many out of the 1,500 requests were granted in addition to this one. Did we all know we can ask for an exemption? Next lockdown we all ask for exemption.

    • Not true says:

      They had meetings with the premier and national security. This stuff doesn’t happen by mistake . They are depending on the plp sheeple to be so naive (I Use to be plp before David Burt) never again!

  11. kevin says:

    Oh my God …just when you think this government might have made a positive decision and allow work to continue on a project that has invested many millions and now employs many bermudians but have a deadline with reservations that will also employ hundreds of bermudians they show no backbone and enter election mode …..god forbid we not get re elected hell lets say its a mistake they will believe us ….hell they bought …” we had to decieve you ” in 1998 ….These guys are absolute amateur comedians …..someone said it right earlier ….they couldnt operate a piss up in a brewery….and she is representing St. Georges …not the sharpest pencil in the box

    • Kathy Cervino says:

      Haha! Hundreds of Bermudians?

      OK from now on all Ministerial permissions granted not only should have her name on it but also her SIGNATURE! Easy fix to avoid these “INNOCENT” errors in the future. I want to know how many out of the 1,500 requests were granted in addition to this one. Did we all know we can ask for an exemption? Next lockdown we all ask for exemption.

  12. St George’s says:

    Minister Ming has been an honest broker and sincere advocate for St George’s! An error was made and is corrected. Remember to err is human. He who hasn’t? Minister thank you for your hard work and meals delivered on a weekly basis! We appreciate you!!! Blue n blue!

    • The Truth says:

      Someone is not telling the truth. If minister Ming did not know but the Premier did, how do you explain that?

      A spokeswoman said: “We received an exemption from the Government of Bermuda after long conversations with the Premier and his team.

    • Kevin says:

      Ming and swan have not represented St. Georges nor helped St. George’s…they are politicians they will promise the world …and deliver nothing …
      Closed a perfectly good golf course and knocked the Club House . Closed the Police Station , Closed the Fire Station …failed to pursue smaller cruise ships . Tried to dismantle the corporation ,,,will win soon as Dowling is another plp puppet. protested against St. Regis being built …now Swan and Ming want to embrace them …what a load of BS …you voted for them thats why you need to try and defend them but you can’t just make the elephant in the room disappear…. PLP Afraid to stand up for fear of losing a vote

      • FACTS says:

        You have always voted UBPOBa now Shiite your trap and run along and try to rebuild your party before the FDM puts in a permanent grave. Hopefully it will happen next election and people that are whitewashed like you will have only the PLP or FDM to choose from. True democracy at it’s best.

  13. BermyB says:

    The guy filming is an ex-employee who is disgruntled as he was terminated last year for grave misbehavior in the work place. Did ue jave permission to be out on the road?

    • Kathy says:

      Irrelevant! He is speaking on behalf of all VEXED Bermudians that have to stay home and miss a week of pay, particularly in the construction industry.

    • Imjustsaying says:

      Why cares about the messenger it is the message that counts.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        I wonder if ya boi knows that thanks to his stink a lot of Bermudians are not working now either ?

  14. Golden Playpen says:

    No rush to build anything for the next few years at least. As long as travel quarantines continue no one is coming here to sit in a hotel room at $600 a night. Hang on this ride ain’t over yet!

  15. Bermydude says:

    So what is the guy taking the video doing out aren’t we on a STAY AT HOME order

    • Double S says:

      Hahaha. You Party zealots make me smile. If the OBA was in power and made all small local businesses to cease work whilst allowing large foreign developers to continue with an exemption you would be up in arms and throwing around all sorts of labels and accusations.

      Instead you are saying why is the guy taking pics? hHahahahahaha.

  16. Cburrows says:

    All I see is this covid situation is dividing all our people, honestly as a Bermudian ,who gives a you know what, if the hotel job is still running they on a time frame. And if anyone know about construction, contractors are fined everyday they go pass the deadline date,but who cares right not costing me, and besides there are Bermudians there working that have families.I honestly think it’s a joke that they locking island down.. those parties that took place over weekend at dandy town and woody’s those are the establishments that should be closed down they both knew that many people was illegal and still get to remain open. But yet me who keeps my distance and never without my mask has to suffer for the few idiots out there taking this #*it for a joke

    • JML says:

      Cburrows thanks for being a voice of reason and getting the conversation back on track

  17. Kevin says:

    with all these people going around looking for something to report maybe …just maybe we will get some information on all of the past murders and shootings