Dr Barnett: New CARICOM Secretary General

May 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

The International Women’s Forum Caribbean and Bermuda members congratulated Dr. Carla Barnett on her appointment as Secretary General of CARICOM.

A spokesperson said, “The mission of IWF is ‘To advance women’s leadership and champion equality worldwide’, so we are particularly pleased that Dr. Barnett’s strong leadership has been recognized, resulting in her appointment as Secretary General of CARICOM, and that she is the first woman to hold that position,” the IWF Barbados President, Donna Every, said.

IWF The Bahamas President, Sonia Browne, commented, “Dr. Barnett has as her vision for the Caribbean Community one where all citizens want to contribute to building a sense of ‘one Caribbean people with one common experience and destiny’ and this is in keeping with our vision as Caribbean presidents, of the International Women’s Forum”.

IWF Trinidad & Tobago President, Joanne Salazar, revealed, that the IWF Presidents of the Caribbean and Bermuda have already met to foster collaboration between and among the forums, and to forge deeper relationships across the region in the furtherance of women’s leadership. This was endorsed by IWF Bermuda President, Lynne Woolridge, who added, “We are committed to working towards the creation of a common destiny for the people in our region. We are therefore looking forward to the advancement of CARICOM’s mandate under the leadership of the new Secretary General”.

“The presidents all shared their commitment to support the new Secretary General in her new role in any way they can and to showcase her appointment as an encouragement to women to aspire to lead at all levels and positions of influence.”

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