Ministry Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

May 5, 2021 | 0 Comments

The Ministry of Education is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, with Education Minister Diallo Rabain saying “your presence and influence leave a mark that lasts a lifetime.”

The Minister said, “When I think about the teachers who taught me as a child, I think of those who cared about me. Whether it was encouraging words or a smiley face sticker, I knew that I was learning in a safe environment with someone who cared about who I was going to become.”

“When I think about the teachers who taught me as a youth, I think about those who inspired me. The teachers who turned on a light in my mind that made me want to know more and ultimately led me on a journey to becoming the man I am today.”

“During this Teacher Appreciation Week, I wish to thank teachers for creating fond memories. In these times where it is very easy to get bogged down with the current state of affairs, you provide opportunities to focus on the future and what can be. You provide a feeling of normalcy and familiarity that is so needed right now.”

“Even with classes being done in a virtual setting, the care and effort are seen by our students and they know it is real. Thank you for being a calm port in this present storm even as you navigate your own boat in these troubled seas.”

“Teachers, your presence and influence, leave a mark that lasts a lifetime, and we thank you for pouring your energies into our children.”

“I hope that this week, many more people send you kind wishes and uplifting words and gestures that you may have many happy memories too.”

“Thank you teachers and stay safe.”

Teacher Appreciation Week Bermuda May 2021

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