Passport Processing Delays Of Up To 11 Weeks

May 31, 2021

People attempting to renew their Bermuda passports, acquire initial passports, or have their lost or stolen passports replaced “can expect delays up to 11 weeks,” the Government said today.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Department of Immigration wishes to advise the public that the UK Government has confirmed that individuals attempting to renew their BOTC [Bermuda] passports, acquire initial passports, or have their lost or stolen passports replaced can expect delays up to 11 weeks.

“Following a recent spike in clients reporting long wait times to renew passports, the Department contacted the UK authorities, who unfortunately confirmed the 11-week timeframe.

“As such, while the Department will continue to accept and process passport applications, the length of time for passports to be returned is outside of the Department’s control.

“Additionally, all British Overseas Territories Citizen [BOTC] Bermuda passport holders are reminded of the following:

  • “Do not book/confirm travel plans unless you have a valid passport
  • “Generally, passports with a validity of six months or more may be used for travel before there is a requirement to apply for a new passport
  • “You can apply for a new passport up to four months prior to the expiration of your existing passport
  • “Strict guidelines apply for the processing of temporary passports in cases of emergency

“The BOTC passport application form is only available online at the Department of Immigration on

“The Department wishes to thank the public in advance for their understanding and cooperation.”

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  1. One word says:

    Pathetic . . .

  2. Something smells very funny with this, and I am willing to bet that the real issue is the Govt Immigration dept in Bermuda not processing them.
    I renewed my British Passport recently and being I live in the US, I used a local company in Bermuda to deal with it for me.
    The entire process took no more than 3 weeks and that included them using DHL to send my new passport back to me in the US.

  3. Ash says:

    Oh for the good old days. I remember in the 70′s when one sweet middle aged Mrs. Lambert used to deal with passports. She would go through your paperwork, take them in and in 2 days you had your brand spanking new passport.

    Bermuda’s population has not grown yet, even before we farmed out our passport printing to supposedly save money, it took patience to deal with those who vetted your paperwork, some of whom had no clue what was really required, then having to wait 8 working days for you passport.

    Now the Mother Country is saying 11 weeks. A far cry from 2 days. Quo Fata Ferunt?

  4. Eyes says:

    Sad how the UK Government treats us. They want to take over the printing of Passports and cannot do it in a timely fashion. We did fine doing it ourselves. No Stimulus checks from them either. The US Gov’t gives out stimulus checks to it’s citizens. Blasted UK Gov’t. What help are they to the average Citizen here? It would be better if we fell under the US Gov’t. They are are closest neighbor by far. Travel would be much easier as well.