Denton Hurdle Memory Primary School Awards

June 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda School Sports Federation is hosting the 36th annual Denton Hurdle Memorial Awards, serving to celebrate the island’s top young athletes.

The awards were introduced in 1986 to honor the late Denton Hurdle. Hurdle was a keen sportsman who attended Warwick Academy, Bermuda College and Dalhousie University. After completing his physical education degree he went on to teach at Warwick Academy. He was an avid sportsman and excelled in soccer, cricket and volleyball. His first love however was rugby. He went on to captain Teachers Rugby Football Club. He was also a regular member of the Bermuda National Team.

This year there will be no Primary School winners for 2021, with all nominated students to be highlighted and recognized.

Denton Hurdle Memory Primary School Girls

  • Zyari Lawrence – Francis Patton Primary
  • Daley Outerbridge – Harrington sound Primary
  • Jerney Stovell – Northlands Primary
  • Susannah Lawrence – Bermuda High School
  • Ajana Patton – Saltus Grammar School
  • Gabriella Cechini – Somersfield Academy
  • Laurida Souza – Elliot Primary School
  • Mayah Williams-Johnson – Somerset Primary
  • Antionette Barry – Warwick Academy
  • Ja’Miyah Johnston – Heron Bay Primary

Denton Hurdle Memory Primary School Boys

  • Zori’on Brunson – Heron Bay Primary School
  • Gladwyn Benjamin – Francis Patton Primary School
  • Ky-mani Barrett – Harrington Sound Primary
  • Na-Zuri Hayward – Elliot Primary School
  • Mataio Cameron – Northlands Primary School
  • Timothy Jackson – West Pembroke Primary
  • Charles Fox – West End Primary School
  • Dexter Snaith – Somersfield Academy
  • Isaac Todd – Saltus Grammar School
  • Kaiyuri Albuoy – St. George’s Preparatory
  • Zydon Lightbourne Furbert – Warwick Academy

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