Govt: Traveler Quarantine Rules Now In Effect

June 20, 2021 | 17 Comments

The “mandatory supervised quarantine for non-immunised travelers arriving in Bermuda by air takes effect today,” the Government said.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of National Security takes this opportunity to advise the public of the quarantine guidelines for non-immunised persons.

“As a reminder, the mandatory supervised quarantine for non-immunised travelers arriving in Bermuda by air takes effect today.

“Upon entering Bermuda, all non-immunized travelers will be placed on quarantine, which includes a mandatory 14-night pre-paid booking at a government-authorized hotel at the traveler’s expense, except in the case of certain limited exemptions.

“There are seven [7] approved quarantine locations:

  • Coco Reef Resort
  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa
  • Hamilton Princess & Beach Club
  • Willowbank Resort
  • Coral Beach and Tennis Club
  • Rosemont Guest Suites
  • Fairmont Southampton [Available after June 24]

“Once processed through the L.F. Wade International Airport, persons will be transported from the airport to their designated hotel by government provided transport.

“The Ministry of National Security’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation [DRRM] Team is tasked with managing the various quarantine sites.

“The general process for persons who are required to quarantine at their designated location is as follows:

“1] Upon landing in Bermuda, all travellers will enter the Arrivals Hall at the LFW Int’l Airport. Port Staff/Ambassadors will be on hand to direct travellers where they need to go; including the Immigration and Customs checkpoints, baggage claim, collection of the Covid-19 testing kit, pre-arranged transport and hotel booking.

“2] After being cleared to leave the airport, travellers will be directed to a bus where a Government Representative will check their name before they are permitted to board the bus.

“3] No stops of any kind are permitted while in transit to the hotel/guest house.

“4] Upon arrival at the hotel/guest house, travellers will be greeted by a Government Representative and given a welcome letter [from the Government]. Their name will be checked against the hotel booking record before the bus leaves. Once their reservation is confirmed, they will be directed to check in at the hotel’s/guest house’s Front Desk.

“5] After the check-in process is complete, travellers will be escorted to their rooms. Guests must remain in their rooms at all times, except for pre-arranged activities [i.e. walks and other outdoors activities]. Government Representatives will regularly follow up with guests; i.e. daily.

“6] Food can be ordered and will be delivered to the guests’ rooms.

“7] A daily schedule, including the staff duty roster and the activities will be made available to all guests during their 14-day stay.

“8] On day 14, once negative test results are received, guests will be free to check out of the hotel. The check-out process will be coordinated by the Government Representative. Guests will be responsible for their own transportation; including costs, to their respective residence/accommodation.”

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You can find more information on the links below and also on our dedicated website, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. Barracks says:

    Oh Really? You Kidding? Regimented schedule like you want to put everyone in the Army.
    Bermuda is sinking deeper and deeper into a very unfriendly and dictatorial little island. Very sick people, enough to cause mental anguish and sickness. I can do nothing but laugh at this horrendous Gov’t!

  2. The dumbest thing ever says:

    Why are they doing this now? This would have been a great idea last March when we first had the pandemic. Not to mention that all this time people have been free to move about after day 4 negative. The mandatory quarantine only makes sense for infected people. The objective being to control the disease right?. Not to mention that government should be funding the mandatory quarantine after all it’s mandatory! They are making no sense whatsoever! Who would want to pay for a two week stay at a hotel when they know that they have not been infected? What about the vaccinated people they are allowed to “self isolate” where ever they like??!!?? Don’t they realize that it’s more likely that when a vaccinated person test positive it’s a variant of covid and not the original strain? This plan punishes people for refusing a medical treatment they don’t agree with and advocates the spread of the deadlier strains in our community. Point blank it is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of!!! It is even giving Bermudian people a bad reputation because a blind person can see that this doesn’t do anything to control the disease, it’s a bullying system to make people take a vaccine even if they don’t agree with it. I don’t care if you have taken the vaccine or not the disease is what they should be putting in quarantine and they should have made it a mandatory supervised quarantine for the infected from the start!!! Curfews like disease has time constraints; lockdowns like hiding at home and waiting it out will stop the disease. No the only way to stop the spread is to quarantine the infected people and that’s the bottom line!

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “The mandatory quarantine only makes sense for infected people.”

      Ok, but it can take up to 14 days for the infection to be detected. Do you suggest that potentially infected people be allowed to wander free and spread the virus until they test positive?

      “Not to mention that government should be funding the mandatory quarantine after all it’s mandatory!”

      It is only “mandatory” for people who “choose” to travel.

      “Who would want to pay for a two week stay at a hotel when they know that they have not been infected?”

      How can anyone “know” they have not been infected? After all, Premier Burt tested positive even though he was fully vaccinated. He could still spread the virus even after being fully vaccinated

      “This plan punishes people for refusing a medical treatment they don’t agree with”

      That may be your perspective, but as long as you do not travel, the policy you disagree with will not affect you. Once you choose to travel, you must do so by the rules that everyone lives by.

  3. Confused says:

    I hope Government is ready for the trouble that this policy is going to bring.
    Law abiding citizen’s being treated like criminals.
    Truly sad!

  4. DeAngulo says:

    Ridiculous and incompetent. The expectations for government decision making are low, however, and they are definitely meeting them. Open the country and dismantle most if not all of the moronic testing regime. Leave the kids alone. Get rid of the masks. The scamdemic is over (haven’t you gotten the memo yet?) except for places that want it to continue.

  5. Tyrone J. Amaral says:

    Absolutely degrading and an insult to Bermuda Society. This government has gone to far in assuming it has absolute power to do whatever they want to do….

  6. Jesse says:

    Good. If you have an issue, you had the option to vaccinate, you said no.

    That’s your call, you knew where this was heading. Stop bitching.

  7. 50/50?? says:

    Six of one half dozen of the other ?

  8. Donn Vance says:

    As an American former serviceman who served in Bermuda in the 60′s, and one who frequently returns strictly as a tourist, I am disappointed with the treatment of covid immunized travelers, which is keeping me from booking my 2021 Bermuda getaway. My understanding is I must present a covid negative test result obtained within 3 days of my arrival, then be subject to another test upon my arrival, then be quarantined for an undefined period, and be charged $75. Furthermore, it appears I am restricted to one of 6 or 7 hotels. I am considering a VRBO and a B&B but from what I read I may not be able to stay there?

    Bermuda authorities are damaging their tourist industry unnecessarily. I am waiting patiently to see more relaxed covid protocols hopefully in the next couple weeks, so we can book our next Bermuda before summer 2021 ends.

    I am patiently awaiting to see covid protocals that are not so punitive and redundant.


    Donn Vance

    • kindley says:

      We also look forward to our vacations in Bermuda where we lived when my husband was in the Army. But we will NOT be coming this year. Hope the restrictions will be gone by next summer. Who would want to pay to spend 14 days in a hotel room? Lovely hotels, but think about it.

      I am not downplaying COVID but just because you are vacinated does not mean you will not get COVID.

      • Wish we had Hope says:

        We Bermudians hope as well that these restrictions will be gone soon. I have advised my family members in the US, don’t worry about coming here with all this dumbfounded Hoopla, we will eventually visit out there. It is so much easier. When you get certain ‘leaders’ , you never know what your going to get.
        It is very sad that this Tourist Island is making it so difficult to come and visit. It is heartbreaking. Really, Bermuda is not open this summer for tourism, unfortunately. I really can’t say how painfully low we will go as a very small and unique Island. This is not the reputation that we want as a population to portray to the world. And I agree with you about Vaccinations, I could very well get Covid despite my Vaccinations, so really, it does not make me anymore special. I don’t feel anymore special. Everyone has the right to choose their own Medical Care without being forced or coerced. Hopefully, we will see you next year If all goes better.

    • Vote for Me says:

      @Donn Vance
      As a fully vaccinated visitor, you can stay wherever you want.

      Upon arrival, you will be tested and must then remain at your accommodation until you get the results, which will normally occur within 12 to 24 hours.

      The 14 day restriction you are referring to only applies to visitors that are not fully vaccinated.

      We look forward to you enjoying your vacation in Bermuda this year.

  9. Wont Listen says:

    You don’t listen to the people.

  10. Bill or law says:

    Is this just a bill or a signed law by the governo

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    So these are the consequences of not being not being vaxed. Oh well…we were warned. Nothing new.

  12. Barracks says:

    Sorry my friends, but the outlook for the Bermuda Islands is not looking good. Judged by the numerous articles these last couple days on Bernews and Royal Gazette, the Economy, the restaurants, Hotels, Travel, Mandatory Quarantine Debacle, Unemployment Numbers, Vaccination Dispute, the distrust in the Parliament, and Gov’t labor laws against the Union , we are in for worse times ahead. Check your steps and follow your mind. Don’t Trust Gov’t. It seems many have been BURNED by Gov’t. Be your own Man. What is the rest of the world telling you? You decide. There are treatments for Covid. It’s not just the Vaccine. Just got another Email on this. Follow the news coming in from the World. Many things here are kept under cover by the Government.
    I don’t think I have ever seen so many Hundreds of Comments collectively in one weekend on all these articles as we have seen this weekend! Bermuda has once again become ANOTHER WORLD!!! If we get another Hurricane this year as we have gotten consecutively the last few years, this will really cause a lot more people distress after what they have been through just this year alone.

  13. Enquiring Citizen says:

    The question I have yet to see answered is who’s paying for the food? One has to come out of pocket to pay for the “mandatory” hotel stay but I have yet to hear anything about food services. Surely staying in the hotel for 14 days will incur a hefty food bill.

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