Organizers Wish Bermuda “Happy Pride Month”

June 15, 2021 | 0 Comments

Local organizers in Bermuda are helping the public to celebrate Pride Month in Bermuda, saying “we will use this opportunity to reflect on the unwavering love we must have for ourselves and each other to thrive.”

A spokesperson said, “Happy June, it’s Pride Month! June is Pride Month for LGBTQ+ members all over the world. It’s a special time. It’s a time for honoring our past, our present, and our future.

Sample of some of the free Pride graphics that can be downloaded from

“It’s a time for recognizing those who are here and those who have passed on. It’s a time of joy, of celebration and of coming together, uniting in the similarity of our humanness.

“And then there is Bermuda’s Pride. Our celebration is all of the above and more.

“We are new to the Pride celebrations, and we have much to be proud of. For years, our love was systemically and culturally denied. Our choice was either to pretend to be like everyone else or be selective about how and where we presented our innate self. Survival depended on living a double life or risking exposing yourself to an unkind reality.

“Time has changed our reality. While our fight for equality on multiple fronts continue, society has become increasingly understanding and accepting of our right to be who we are, love who we want and live as we deserve.

“Despite the challenging times we currently find ourselves in, the Bermuda Pride Organizers have curated opportunities to celebrate our pride, focusing on three main concepts: Togetherness, Visibility, and Education.

“Out of those concepts, the theme of ‘A Deeper Love’ was born. For us, our love is a deeper love because finally, we get to be who we are, who we have always been.

Highlights from the 2019 Bermuda LGBTQ Pride Parade:

“We will use this opportunity to reflect on the unwavering love we must have for ourselves and each other to thrive. ‘A Deeper Love’ also reminds us to appreciate our allies who have loved us, or who have grown to love us, despite societal challenges.

“Join us as we express our deeper love and celebrate pride in person on June 30th, August 28th, and August 29th.

“So here’s to us. Happy Pride Month, Bermuda!”

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